Having a walk-in wardrobe is not a far-fetch dream. You can have one at home and live like a social media influencer — without blowing your entire life’s savings.

A walk-in wardrobe provides you with more storage for your clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories. With everything laid out nicely right in front of you, you can let your creativity run free and come up with fashionable outfits all the time.

It is time to stop pinning walk-in wardrobe inspirations on Pinterest. Here’s how you can have your dream walk-in wardrobe today.

Do You Have Space?

The first thing that this project requires is space. Unfortunately, if your room does not have a lot of free space to walk around in and hang your stuff, you will have a very limited option. There should be space in your walk-in wardrobe and space inside the room that will allow you to move around.

Next, decide what you want your walk-in wardrobe to look like. If you want to create a completely separate room for it, you would have to call a contractor. A service like Longhill Contracting can build a wall right in the middle of your completed bedroom to divide the space into two. If you cannot afford the construction costs of having a permanent structure set up, a curtain, or a folding privacy screen as a temporary divider.

What Kind of Storage Do You Need?

The most important part of designing your walk-in closet is the storage. Of course, you want the space to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. You would want to be able to store all your new clothes in it and take outfit of the day pics, too.

However, before you head on to Ikea or Home Depot, make sure to measure the space that you have. Draw a blueprint of how you imagine your walk-in wardrobe would look like. How much of your clothes do you want hanging on rails? Do you need shelves for your collection of shoes and bags? Where would your underpants and pajamas be kept?

The point of having a walk-in wardrobe is creating a dedicated space to organize and keep fashion items. You might need rails and racks, dressers and drawers, hooks and shelves, etc.

woman picking a dress

Do Your Clothes Need Additional Protection?

If you decide on an open closet, your clothes might need some form of cover to shield it from damage. Your wool sweaters, for example, should be wrapped to stave off moths and other pests. Your leather bags should be placed somewhere that does not get a lot of light, both natural and artificial, nor moisture.

Is There a Light Source?

Your walk-in wardrobe needs to be bright. When the space is properly illuminated, you will be able to see colors and textures more accurately. It will make dressing up in the morning a lot easier.

Overhead lights will provide illumination, but it is not exactly flattering because it creates shadows. So, instead, install LED lights inside of cabinets and under shelvings to create a sort of spotlight that highlights the beauty and elegance of your belongings.

The final tip would be to keep your walk-in wardrobe tidy. If you are in a hurry in the morning and you cannot help but leave clothes strewn all over the space, make sure to hang up or fold everything and put them back where they are supposed to be. Vacuum regularly to prevent dust from settling on your clothes, shoes, and bags.

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