The things we have to do can pose a serious challenge to us, especially if we don’t want to have a hand in it. This is exactly what happened to New York City’s Fire Engine 205 fire station almost a century ago. Call it the changing of the guard.

On December 20, 1922, New Yorkers lined the streets to cheer and also in a bid of the farewell chase after the horses of the firefighters namely Bellgriffin, Buck, Eamybeg, Penrod, and Waterboy. These equine assistants were handed the hard news: their final day of work. The horses, probably the last horses in America to work in a fire station, were being sent away wreathed with flowers and replaced by an innovation started by no less than the legendary Henry Ford. It was the day the horse lost its job to fire trucks.

Today, of course, the horses that humanity has relied upon for centuries are nowhere to be seen, just a figment of memory latched in our heads. And as America became an automobile country with 276 million motor vehicles to date, cars have become part and parcel of our everyday lives.

What we may fail to realize is that getting your car spick and span is not only advantageous to us but also could extend the life of the wheeled ride. Here’s how.

To Preserve Your Car Paint

It’s easy to be led to believe that all those actions, of washing and waxing your car are just for aesthetics to make your car look good. Who would want to drive a Lamborghini if it’s all covered in mud, right? It’s like navigating a horse that has not even been given a proper bath, right?

Speaking of the horse, it’s really missed. America longed for it to stay even when automobiles were introduced to the streets. So much, millions of Americans viewed the horseless carriage with tons of skepticism. And as reported on April 15, 1911, issue of the Saturday Evening Post, bankers expressed disappointment on entrepreneurs putting their investments in cars. Some echoed the sentiment that it’s a waste of time thinking the “wheeled machine contraption will ever replace the horse.”

When you have our car washed you’re not just taking care of the aesthetics, you’re actually ensuring the car lasts for longer. Think of it as your skin. The car’s exterior is actually its protection just like our skin protects us from the elements. It’s no question cars depreciate but Cleaning ts outside metal ensures the insides of your car stay protected. If you let toxic elements (e.g., dirt, salt, grime) remain, these will eat away your car’s exterior. Not only will the paint get damaged but eventually the metal will deteriorate.

To Prevent Costly Repairs

cleaning car

When you let filth take over your car body and paint, you let damage in. If you continue such a bad habit, you’re bound to find yourself having to grapple with the reality of finding a complete replacement. That’s because when left to its own devices, filth is going to factor in irreversible damage.

In the end, you’ll have to shell extra dollars to put your car back to shape. Worse, your car’s overall value will have plummeted.

A Clean Interior Promotes Safety

As you go along your daily grind, you’re bound to forget to put a premium on cleaning your car interior. As a result, your automobile can become more like a trash bin as the days go by, far too dirty than when you first drove it. Take note that your car is like your second home. You spend hours on end every day in it.

Statistics show Americans spend as much as an hour daily in their cars. If it were your home, would you want to go back to a precious abode filled with filth? Of course not, right?

Cleaning your car’s interior is, therefore, a must. If not, harmful bacteria could proliferate endangering you. In the age of the virus, this should have a deeper meaning. These pathogens can hide in your steering wheel, dashboards, or upholstery.

It’s exactly why all-weather custom floor mats are spot on. Not only do they cushion your feet and everyone who rides with you but also they provide ample protection from the elements. Even better, you boost your car interior with the seamless customization that comes along with it.

For Your Greater Safety

This benefit might make your ears stand but it’s true. Bear in mind that statistics has it, the chances of you getting into a road mishap is once in every 18 years. That’s a scary statistic, no doubt. But you definitely will better your odds if you keep your car’s interior and exterior clean.

A good example here is clean windows and mirrors. Without clear visibility out the front and at the sides, driving can certainly become a challenge. Plus, you definitely are a proud driver getting out of a clean car.


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