Spain is a wonderful country to retire in. It is a haven for retirees mainly because of its advanced private health care systems. Moreover, the culture and history of the country give retirees something new to explore and uncover every day. But, what happens when a retiree passes on?

Some funeral companies offer funeral planning services for expats in Spain. This is something that retirees should include in their plans to ensure that their family and loved ones would not need to worry about legal paperwork when they die. Making arrangements to repatriate a body to the UK can be tedious and expensive. Planning ahead and covering all the bases will make sure that the deceased comes home.

Complications of a Death Abroad

Once a person passes away, the people left behind usually take all responsibility for the wake and funeral arrangements. If the death happens while the person is living abroad, however, there might be complications in the funeral arrangement, such as language barriers, local traditions and legal restrictions.

A pre-planned funeral service will help the family make the necessary arrangements with no hassle. If the family members do not speak Spanish, for instance, they may have a challenging time calling people to make arrangements to repatriate the deceased and get the necessary permits.

Another possible complication involves local customs and traditions when it comes to funeral services. In Spain, there is a rule that unless there are prior funeral plans, the body has to be cremated within 72 hours after death. Legal paperwork is another burden to the family, which can otherwise be handled by the funeral service provider if a pre-paid plan has been made.

What Happens if One Dies in Spain

Upon the death of a person, his nearest kin needs to call a doctor and the police, who will then contact the local funeral service director of their choice. The next of kin has to sign the “Body Release” form to imply that the family agrees to entrust the body to the funeral director. This usually happens without any disclosure of expenses and other legal confirmation. Bank accounts, as well as assets of the deceased, may also be withheld or frozen.

Funeral Plans Make All the Difference

senior couple talking about funeral plan

Pre-paid funeral plans provide a better and more secure experience for the kin and family of the deceased. Following the mandate of informing the doctor and police, the family may then call the funeral service provider in Spain to take care of everything that needs to be done. This removes all the stress and pressure from the family, giving them time to grieve.

Providers usually have offices in the chosen country and have multi-lingual staff members to assist the family during this difficult time. They will provide the family with the connection to local funeral directors and make the necessary arrangements for the deceased.

Although the subject of death feels glum to be discussed with loved ones, pre-planning funeral services, especially for those who are living abroad, is not only necessary but should be made a priority. Making clear plans allow clients to secure all possible scenarios in the funeral arrangement, giving them and their families peace of mind.