To achieve an elegant look for your new home, certain materials work better than others. Elegance in a home is not only limited to the exterior. Every part of a home conveys a message about the level of care and attention that has gone into its construction. It also shows whether the quality of the home is solid. Homes that are made out of obviously cheap materials are going to be prone to various issues, and they are not going to last long. Here are some ideas on materials to use to achieve that elegant look for your California home while also keeping in mind the quality of construction:

1. Stone

The best quality of stone is its high durability. Stone has been a staple in construction. Although modern commercial homes don’t use stone frequently due to its cost, it remains a good material to use to make your home stand out. It can be used for the inside and outside of your home as it can be used to build siding and walls. To achieve the luxe look inside, use marble, granite, or basalt. These can go on countertops, walls, backsplashes, and they can also be used to create mantelpieces or fireplaces. Patios can be lined with stone to achieve the rustic but elegant look.

2. Steel

This is also a long-lasting material that is reasonably priced. It has many purposes, all of which are important for a house. Steel gates make for a solid investment. They improve security because they cannot easily be broken. Adding a steel gate protects your house from potential break-ins, and steel also makes for an excellent garage door. Steel sliding is also weather-resistant and can make your house look modern.

3. Iron

Iron gates are dual purpose: They offer protection for your home, and they are also durable and weather-resistant. Adding a wrought iron gate to your Los Angeles home will give it a vintage charm, especially if you have a long driveway or curated front yard to accompany it. Iron has many decorative purposes, and it can be added to light fixtures. Patio furniture is also often made of wrought iron.

4. Glass

This is the ultimate modern favorite. Adding glass will give your home a modern and swanky look. It is the perfect material to choose if you have a room with a view as having glass walls will open up a vista for you. It also helps regulate heat, and it can lead to energy savings. Natural light can be utilized by having glass walls. Combined with wood, it will make your home feel like it is part of nature.

5. Brick

modern design kitchen with brick wall

This has been used in construction for centuries. Usually, it is plastered over and hidden. To achieve the modern, elegant look, use exposed brick. It makes for a great interior decor idea. Leaving one wall exposed gives the home a well-planned, minimal elegant look.

A home is meant to be lived in for generations, so whichever materials you choose have to stand the test of time. Researching current design trends will help you pick the best items for your home.