Real estate will always be considered a good investment. For people who want a diverse portfolio, investing abroad is a good option. In the UK, investors look to buy properties in Europe because of the market’s good performance. The rise of Airbnb has also opened more doors for real estate, making houses and condos more lucrative. Companies specialising in real estate investment services abroad have started offering their services to interested investors.

Buying real estate or pieces of property in Europe is not that complicated, but having professionals walk you through the process and handle all of the paperwork for you is a big advantage. Let’s take a look at some of the best cities in Europe to place real estate investments in.

Porto, Portugal

This is is one of the top options for British citizens because English is widely spoken here. Porto is a welcoming city blessed with mild weather for the most part of the year. One of its most famous landmarks is a bridge called the Dom Luis I. It was created by one of the students of Eiffel Tower architect, Gustave Eiffel. Porto is a modern city that can be likened to San Francisco. It is a favorite of startups and food and wine lovers.

Vienna, Austria

Undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities in Europe, Vienna boasts old-world charm, history, and warmth. It has green spaces, music, art, culture and a vibrant food scene. This city is visited by millions every year to see sights such as the Schönbrunn Palace or the Prater amusement park.

Zagreb, Croatia

If you’re thinking of retiring early, Zagreb is an ideal city to start fresh. This city has a bustling downtown scene while maintaining its rich heritage. There are museums, award-winning parks, and pristine beaches that are only a few hours away. You can take up skiing in winter and enjoy extended Christmas holidays filled with lights, food, and other festivities.

Milan, Italy

Known as the fashion capital, Milan is a vibrant city often visited by tourists and art lovers. This city is popular for its architecture, food, churches, museums, and palaces. It bridges Italy’s past, present, and future with remarkable energy and excitement. Owning a house here is certainly a good investment. Rent it out to expats and long-term or vacationing tourists.

Bordeaux, France

Street with lights

Bordeaux is one of Europe’s best travel destinations. It has been frequently voted as one of the most vibrant cities in the world. You can buy real estate here and relocate for a more relaxed and laid-back pace of life. The price of real estate is more affordable here than more urbanised cities such as Paris. If you love wine and winemaking, this is the place to settle down in.

You can also consider cities such as San Sebastian in Spain and Brussels in Belgium. Of course, you’ll have to think about other factors if you actually plan to move and live in the city permanently. Having a house or condo there is one of the requirements when applying for a resident’s visa. Consult a professional and ask for several options with the pros and cons of each listed down.