An effective way to advertise your company and brand name is through branded merchandise or promotional products. These items last a year on average, depending on their usability. The more expensive and useful the product though, the longer it stays in your recipient’s possession.

Adapting to Change

Promotional or branded products rely on yearly trends before mass production can happen, often dictating what consumers look for and expect to receive. Due to shifting consumer preferences, what may have been the best promotional product a year ago might no longer be relevant today. Because of this, monitoring product trends have become immensely important to stay relevant in the industry.

In the latter part of 2018, statistics showed that there has been a 5.9 percent increase in the demand for promotional products. The numbers tell you that as a marketing strategy for your company, promotional products work.

What Consumers Want in 2019

Products for promo have a wide berth. IThese items could be anything from the usual drink-ware and desk trinkets to the unique reusable lunch totes and vintage wines. Promotional products vary widely in category because it is dependent on the preferences of the recipients. Aside from personal preferences, consumers look for trendiness and usability of the product. When you meet those needs, the probability of brand retention and customer engagement for your company increases.

Attract more customers and stay ahead by adopting these trends in the American promotional products industry.

  • The Subtle Approach – Don’t overdo your advertisement by mass producing T-shirts with your brand name plastered on more than half of the material and nothing else. Customers appreciate tailored, thoughtful products with barely-there company advertisements.
  • Eco-friendly products – With a raised awareness in taking care of the environment, consumers have begun taking to eco-friendly products. A study revealed that 65 percent of end-buyers are more likely to keep the promo product if it’s environment-friendly. Some consumer favorites are sustainable products, like notebooks, tote bags, straws, and water bottles made out of recyclable material.
  • Memory sticks – Memory sticks remain a preferable promotional product because of its functionality and convenience. It is also easy to customize.

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  • Millennial Market – Another trend to look out for this year is the shift of products catering to the millennial crowd. Because one in three company employees is a millennial, this generation is more likely going to use and keep your promotional products. By tailoring your products to them, you’re also catering to the largest portion of the consumer market.
  • Health and Wellness – People have also begun being mindful of their health. Products which promote health and wellness are more likely to receive positive attention than those that don’t. Sports tumblers, yoga mats, stress balls, and armbands are some of the products that fall under this category.

Branded or promotional merchandise can help you achieve marketing goals, from growing a consumer base in a new market to retaining the loyalty of customers. The right branded products secure repeat exposure, favorable impression, and recall. Keep these trends in mind the next you brainstorm over what items to give to your consumers.

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