Unless you already live in Florida, those who plan to retire this year should move to the state as it is the best place in the country for retirees based on an analysis.

Data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration showed that more than 35 million people relocate each year, which explains the constant demand for home relocation services. If you plan to change your residential address this year, it can cost around $980 on average to do so. Most homeowners should expect to spend between $520 and $1,400 depending on the distance of their current place to their destination.

The Best Places to Retire

Florida outranked other states because of its cheap cost of living and high quality of life. It’s not the best state for healthcare services since it only placed 27th on this category. Overall, the Sunshine State still attracts many senior citizens because of the favorable weather.

Other states that completed the top five included South Dakota, Colorado, New Hampshire and Virginia. South Dakota’s quality of life may be subpar compared to most countries, but affordable living expenses and healthcare offset this setback. It’s a different situation in Colorado and New Hampshire, where the only potential issue for retirees is a higher cost of living. If access to quality and affordable healthcare is your priority, other states have better healthcare systems than Virginia.

Why Staying Put Is Sometimes Better

Some experts advise against packing all of your things and moving into a new place, especially if all of your family members live within the same state. If you like to see your grandchildren during weekends, then making a long-distance move to save on healthcare and tax expenses may not be a worthwhile decision.

You should consider these intangibles when deciding whether or not you want to transfer, especially if you already saved enough money for your retirement. Otherwise, relocation can be a good choice, especially for those who have dreamed about staying somewhere since they were young.

Relocation Planning

Senior couple with an agent

Another thing to consider about relocation involves the amount of time and energy required for planning it. Do you really want to spend several weeks or months to arrange everything for the transfer? Home relocation services arrange everything for you, but take note that amount you’re willing to pay will mostly reflect the coverage of services.

If you only plan to move into a different city within your state, it can cost only cost up to $1,000 for owners of a three-bedroom house. This can be done within 10 hours in a single day. Relocation for smaller homes will likely be cheaper, which may cost below $500 and only take up to seven hours of work.

Think carefully if you want to move to a new place during your twilight years since it can be expensive and stressful. Once you decide on relocating into a new home, you should consider asking help from a professional mover. Choose a company after comparing quotes from at least three different contractors.


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