Getting involved in a vehicular accident can change anyone’s life in a snap. This is especially true if they have developed injuries and emotional trauma due to the incident. They may never be the same again even after their wounds heal. That is why any loved one should be willing to lend a helping hand to help another cope. But what exactly can you do to help a family member or a friend recover after such a traumatic event?

Help them get the compensation they deserve

If your loved one is the victim, then it is only just that they get properly compensated for all the damage done. You can help them acquire the justice they deserve by working with a competent lawyer in your area. They should be able to help you gather the necessary facts and evidence that you can use in court. But before you contact just about any attorney, keep in mind that lawyers have their specialty. For instance, your loved one has been involved in a truck accident. You’d want to call in a competent truck accident attorney in Los Angeles. This way, you can be sure that they have a legal representative who specializes and already has experience handling truck accident claims.

Be ready to listen once they are ready to talk about their feelings

Any person who has been involved in a tragic accident can feel a mixture of emotions that they may be afraid to talk about. They may feel anger, frustration, hatred, guilt, sadness, grief, or pain. Let them know that you are very much willing to listen to them without judgment. Help them speak out and let those emotions flow so that they will feel less lonely. Validate their feelings and never utter a word of judgment. You are here to act as their support, not as their judge.


Spend quality time with them doing the things they love

Some accidents may limit their ability to do the things that they love, but not all. If you can find an activity or two that will allow them to take their minds off their past, then encourage them to do it with you. If not, there is no harm in exploring new hobbies, as long as they find it comfortable enough to do so. This can be as simple as watching a mew movie or a rerun of their favorite TV show, visiting a place they used to love spending hours, or playing a game or two.

Encourage them to do relaxation techniques

Some people find it hard to relax whenever memories of the accident come flooding in. This is the perfect time to show your support by helping them practice relaxation techniques. You can count slowly with them, encouraging your loved one to take deep breaths. You can also ask if they prefer to meditate with you, say a prayer, or even practice yoga. There are tons of relaxation techniques that you can do together. These should help them keep their calm and cope when their anxiety kicks in.

An accident may not only cause physical injuries to a loved one, but emotional stress as well. Everyone has different ways to cope. What you can do is to show your love and support. This does not only refer to you being physically there. This can be as profound as helping them seek justice and receive the compensation they rightfully deserve.


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