Once upon a time, social media platforms’ original purpose was a means of communication wherever you are in the world. With so many features, social media is commerce’s tool in web development—promoting brands, collaborating with online banking apps, marketing, and advertising in every industry.

You won’t say that it’s highly required to have a social media page when you have a business, but it’s like common courtesy to have at least one or else you’re out of the market. As you can imagine, social media has its vast usefulness that it has become a necessary feature to have in your business, whether big or small.

Even if you’re not a business owner, most people are still pressured to create a Facebook account. Even dogs have Instagram accounts. Soon posts will have many views and likes that it becomes another way to make money. In this post, you’ll understand why social media is such an integral tool in businesses nowadays.

Social Media and Your Website

When you start a business, the first thing that comes to mind is creating a social media page. People come to this conclusion because that’s where people are and where they can easily access your brand. Some small businesses don’t even need their website, but just maintaining their Instagram account is enough. Undoubtedly, social media has a significant impact on businesses.

Promoting Your Brand

Your official website is next to a social media page where people further know your brand and products or services. The home page is supposed to display information on where else people can find you and what content you’re creating to represent your brand. Whether you’re promoting your website through your social media page or vice versa, you can see that both platforms are essential.

Makeup and clothing store websites have this feature where customers get to try their products directly on their app—a virtual try-on. People won’t know that if these brands don’t promote their products on their social media pages.

Advertising Your Products


You already might’ve noticed the ads that randomly appear while scrolling through social media. A web design used for advertisements is also an excellent way for you to promote your brand. You will grab more attention and new audiences this way.

A business might not get enough promotion or generate more sales if the design of its ads is lacking. It’s supposed to be adaptive to a social media site they plan to put it on. Videos and image sizes, for instance. The image ratio on Facebook is not the same as it is on Instagram. Therefore, you have to have these images adequately resized and collaborate with your web design team.

Designing Your Pages

For your pages to become more appealing to the audience, you have high-quality designs. Most internet users expect to find unique designs and content on your page if you’re a business. For them, this experience highly influences how your brand appears and how you maintain and take care of it.

Your designs on both your website and social media page must be pleasing to look at and easy to navigate at the same time. Visitors might have an unpleasant user experience if pieces of information are difficult to find. Also, your designs must be in uniform with every platform you created because they can recognize your brand for this.

Displaying Interactive Content

Social media is the most appropriate platform for interacting with audiences. The use of hashtags alone can reach a wide range of audiences already. If you promote it directly on your official website, people won’t even know something is going on. Influencers utilize this tactic. When they have an Instagram Live, they also tell everyone on Twitter and Facebook to join them.

Posting interactive content, whatever it is about, you should run by your social media. And since your designs are consistent in every channel, you’re going to be easily recognized. This is why your web designer must be savvy about this. People expect more of this content everywhere.

Posting Images and Videos

Through images and videos, people will see more of your brand and content. Media more likely attracts more customers and visitors. Whether it’s for advertising or marketing, images must not be absent. This also allows more communication and customers service, improving rapport along the way.

Images can be a design on your page that people are encouraged to interact more with your business. Image-based content instead of text-based is a sure way to get people’s attention, especially on social media platforms. Infographics and animation are the best examples of this.

There are many ways to integrate your brand with social media. From simply linking them together to creating a social media log-in option to your site. Starting with the simplest, most manageable things, working your way up, and catching up with trends are the ways to go.

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