Antiques can provide a sense of timelessness to your house, but you don’t have to go overboard with them to achieve the appearance you want. You can create a personalized combination of old and modern décor by combining antique furnishings, salvaged decor, flea market accessories with your present decor. Below are some ideas on how to incorporate vintage goods into your house in new and creative ways.

Use Vintage Accessorize Your Table

If your walls are neutral or white, a bench, chairs, rustic table will look excellent against them. A vintage blanket and an old stool will provide character to this dining area without making it appear crowded. As the eye is drawn upward, a vintage ceiling fixture grabs attention, while vivid red artwork and fruit inside an antique bowl lend color and contrast to the room’s wood furnishings. Try piling up your favorite collections in a neutral space; it’s the perfect place to display some of your most excellent items.

Recreate an Era

Decorating through era recreation can be very stimulating to the eyes and an exciting challenge for the shopper inside you.

Why not consider adding a mid-century modern living area, Victorian guest room, or an Art Decor bathroom to bring more glamour to your house? You can decorate the space with tasteful collectibles that reflect your chosen era by consulting antique garden and home magazines or embellishing books for original tips and advice.

Use Vintage Collectibles in the Kitchen

It doesn’t matter whether you have a modern kitchen or not. You can instantly transform modern kitchens with the addition of an antique sign or vintage dishware displayed on open shelves. Antique charger plates are perfect for that chic, elegant style when it comes to formal dinners. You can utilize weathered cabinets and salvaged wood shelving for farmhouse-style kitchens by accenting them using a metal sign that reflects their rustic appearance.

You could use similar simple design ideas to create a stunning white kitchen with marble and stainless steel accents. While each component contributes warmth, it does not overshadow the other, more modern features.

Add Antique Furniture in Your Bedroom

Adding old items to bedrooms can help create a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. Don’t worry too much about matching antiques or flea market finds when decorating your home. Employ the principle of symmetry to form a unified aesthetic. Similar finishes on the two mismatched wooden side tables that flank a four-poster bed can serve as nightstands. On each side of the bed, placing small antique rugs will give the room a pop of color. Nature is a recurring theme in the vintage artwork hanging above the dressers, and you can also add similar-sized pieces are arranged in the same way.


Frame Your Collections

A lot of collectors collect vintage sheet music, hand fans, and antique postcards throughout time. These types of paper souvenirs or ephemera are framed and displayed on a wall or an easel. Always ask for acid-free materials from your framer when framing valuable paper products, and keep them out of direct sunshine to prevent fading. You can use frames and shadow boxes to group similar things even if a collection usually doesn’t fit a single frame. This is when you can use a standard picture frame or make a larger one through molding.

Vintage Finds for Your Living Room

For a unique, layered aesthetic, insert vintage pieces among modern living room furnishings. It’s usually advisable to invest in new furniture for frequently used elements, such as accent chairs and a sofa, to ensure they’ll last long through every wear and tear. Accent items, such as a tiny coffee or side table, can be made from antiques and thrift store purchases.

You can mount flea market treasures on the wall as freestanding art. You can also hang or frame massive vintage posters that go with your preferred color scheme for wall decor. Lay a faux cowhide on top of a vintage rug with patterns to add variety and texture.

Welcome Glass Monotones

Think of an elegantly arranged shelf full of milk glass. It looks stunning against a pastel or boldly painted wall. On the other hand, Mercury glass has a mirror-like quality that pairs well with the white decor if you prefer its finishes. Glass comes in a wide variety of colors, from bright Blenko glass to vibrant Depression-era tints. Their spectrum provides a gorgeous method of adding an accent to your decor scheme.

Some people have a collection cabinet packed with treasured items that they can use as centerpieces on buffets, mantles, or cocktail and dining tables. Even if you have a decade-worth of collectibles and don’t really “need” anything new, knowing that you’ll be changing things out from time to time is an excellent reason to keep the search for your next big find rolling.


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