Real estate is a stable industry that’s booming even now amidst a global pandemic. With companies shifting to flexible work arrangements so that their employees can continue to hold down careers even from home, most have decided to leave the congested metro and move to rural areas. The move to the countryside started because the need to stay in highly commercialized cities where the cost of living is on the constant high no longer exists, thanks to remote work options.

For the real estate sector, this means more opportunities to close sales. If you work in the housing market or plan to do so, you must consider making changes in your work process by tailoring them to your client’s unique needs that have surfaced during the pandemic. So, to know which methods will suit your real estate pandemic operations, you can start with these:

Offer Virtual Walk-Throughs

Purchasing an estate is a serious investment, so if anything, buyers need to check the facilities themselves to see if it’s worth their money. But given the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s such a risk to accommodate multiple clients and schedule walk-throughs. To keep you and your clients safe while giving them the chance to meticulously check their potential house as much as technology can allow, you can offer virtual walkthroughs. For this, you should upload video clips detailing the places you’re selling and try VR technology so that clients can have a more immersive experience.

Create a Website

Now that you virtually have no boundaries and can cater to people worldwide, you can also enjoy a wider clientele pool. To enhance your marketing, you must create a website to post information about the estates you’re selling. A brief intro about your business, the properties you’re selling, as well as a FAQ sheet are the staples for a website to ensure that your visitors can quickly find the information they need. You should also post your contact information clearly, and if possible, even the directions to your office to cater to clients who wish to drop by.

Use Quality Photos

Clients have limited options of visiting your estates, making them wholly reliant on the information you post online. Uploading quality photos is especially important during this pandemic, so if you’re a one-person agency, it’s better to get a professional photographer to take snaps of the properties you’re selling. If possible, you must also take photos of the recreational areas around those properties to give your potential clients an idea of the kind of community they’ll be a part of and the establishments they can access.

Familiarize Yourself With Industry-Related Tech

Since you’ll primarily be relying on online tools to accommodate prospect clients, you might as well enhance your operations using advanced industry-related tech to make your processes run smoother and more efficient. For instance, it would be great to use artificial intelligence in some of the recurring tasks in your operations. With AI tech, you can utilize chatbots to entertain customers by answering basic queries and accomplish paperwork. By depending on innovative technology, you get more free time, which you can use to make your business flourish.

business card

Spread Word Using a Calling Card

You can use your social media accounts and official website to rollout your marketing projects, but not all of your clients have access to the internet, and even more so, social networking sites. To accommodate all customers searching for properties to purchase, you can use a calling card to give imperative information. For the design of your calling card, it’s better to go for the simple and legible theme and put your company’s details, including your name, contact info, and the address of your office.

Maintain the Properties You’re Selling

Although this might no longer be within your purview, going the extra mile of keeping your properties in excellent shape, as long as it improves your chances of closing deals, won’t hurt you one bit. Being in contact with repair and maintenance services can help you easily give the properties you’re selling that need an upgrade quick servicing and restorations.

You should also use quality materials during your improvement projects to ensure your clients will get the actual value of the properties they’re eyeing. For instance, you can get high-quality cast stones from your trusted suppliers, specifically for your commercial estates.

Look Presentable

Despite the Covid-19 situation, most of your clients will still request face-to-face meetings, especially when they have decided to close a deal. The way you work is not the only thing that reflects your brand; your appearance will also give your clients a peek at your degree of professionalism. During these meetings, you must look your best by donning smart formal wear suitable for the real estate industry.

Your body language and how you conduct yourself will also help you along the way, so you must remember to be engaging, courteous, and attentive.