Buying a house is an emotional experience. People want to buy a home that feels like it is welcoming to them. They want a home that feels like it will be easy to just unpack and start living.

There are several ways to give them this feeling. Being the homeowner you already know the areas that stood out to you the most when choosing your home. Focus on these areas as you know that it will be just as important to the next owner.

Updating a bathroom or a kitchen can seem costly since you are leaving the home. But you can add the cost to the selling price and recoup what you spent. A new marble countertop for the kitchen island is a worthwhile investment as it will give you a much better chance to close the deal in your favor.  

There are plenty of renovations you can do on your own. This can help to spruce up the house without costing you too much money. Pick the ones that feel like it will benefit your house’s appearance the most and get started.          

Ask Your Realtor

Your real estate agent has lots of experience with making houses look good for sale. Ask them to take a walk through your home and suggest areas that can be improved upon to attract potential buyers. This is also a cheaper way to get good ideas as your Realtor is already invested in you selling your house. They will not charge a fee for this walk-through and advise. An interior designer or such would charge a fee for the consultation.

Paint Fixes Everything


Paint is the most versatile way to change the look and feel of any room or house. It is so cost-effective to simply paint the walls and transform the whole feel of the house. You can make your home feel fresh and inviting without actually making any changes to the furniture or general layout. Neutral and pastel colors are best as these are the most appealing to the majority of people.

Energy Audit

Do an energy audit of your home and have this information freely available for the buyers to see. You can show them how you resealed your home and updated your insulation. This will make the utility bills lower and make the home more energy-efficient to live in. This will surely appeal to many people as the idea of living an environmentally friendly lifestyle is appealing to a lot of home buyers.

Neat Lawn

A neat lawn and a landscaped backyard can play a significant role in helping potential buyers to choose your house. Freshly mowed grass and trimmed hedges feel welcoming and homely to many people. The aroma is the grass will make it easier for them to imagine what it would be like to relax in that space. Many people desire a home that is relaxing and this can help to seal the deal.

Strategic Planting

Gardens are great, but they can be a turn-off for easy-going folks who want an easy-to-maintain landscape. Replace your food crop plants with native plant species so that they will thrive without much care. Dig out your rose and hibiscus bushes to take with you. Replace with bushes that are hardy which produce small colorful flowers and pest-repellent aromas.

This will appeal to people who do not want to do too much gardening and it will be pleasing to novice gardeners. Avid gardeners will be able to see the potential in your garden and understand the changes you made and know how to reverse them.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

professional cleaner

Hire a service that provides professional cleaning for people who are moving out. They will be able to pay special attention to all the corners and edges that you would normally overlook because you are so used to the space.

People can tell when a house is extra clean. All you need to do afterward is maintain the job the professionals did and your home is ready to impress potential buyers.

Remove Rugs

This is especially important if you have hardwood floors or a beautiful tiled floor. Hardwood floors are very appealing to home buyers. They need to see it clearly to appreciate its beauty and your old rugs will be in the way. Simply roll up the ones you want to keep and put them away in storage. Donate or throw away the rugs you do not want to keep. This will help to reduce one task for when you are packing up to move and help to make your home more appealing to buyers.  

If you feel like the interior of your home needs more than some paint and retouching, you can ask for help getting organized. There are people online who can come to your house and help you arrange everything better. These people can help you to arrange your furniture for better movement, teach you how to store items, so they take up less space, and keep a neat and orderly living space. This will not only help your home to be more appealing to potential buyers, it will also make it so much easier for you to make plans for your move out.

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