Sharing the road with semi-trucks can be quite daunting for smaller cars and motorcycles. The weight and size differences make a huge difference in the cataclysm that follows an accident involving trucks.

The devastating consequences of road accidents involving trucks

Anyone who has the misfortune of finding themselves caught in the midst of a truck accident should seek medical help and the assistance of a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles. Some of the most devastating physical injuries can be seen in victims of road collisions involving a big rig and a car. Someone who is fortunate enough to be alive might be facing a life of disability and dependence due to the trauma incurred.

Physical injuries involving intensive medical care

Limb amputation

A high-velocity impact may cause more than severe trauma to soft tissue such as skin and muscles. In collisions where speeding leads to loss of control of the wheel, the victim may suffer from broken bones. In extreme cases limbs may be severed from the rest of the body. Even if limbs remain intact, utter destruction of muscles, nerves, connective tissue and bone may be cause enough to amputate the limb. A lifetime of adjustment and extensive rehabilitation follows the medical and surgical procedures the victim undergoes. Limb amputation is one of the more severe consequences faced by victims of trucking accidents.

Head injury

Life-altering head trauma could define the future for some survivors of big rig accidents. Loss of sensation, movement, certain cognitive functions, and a host of other difficulties characterize head injury. Permanent disability is a typical consequence of severe head trauma, which causes either diffuse or focal damage to brain tissue. Some people are lucky that they get away with only a concussion. Nevertheless, for some time, even those suffering from minor head trauma might still experience significant impairment during the period of recovery. Confusion, slurred speech, persistent headaches, and disorientation are some of the symptoms that can take them away from their livelihood.

Internal injuries

A driver or a passenger involved in a road collision may walk away seemingly unharmed. However, as is often the case, it soon becomes evident they have internal injuries. Internal organs may have been damaged by the force of the impact, and manifestations may only be overtly observed after a number of hours or days. Internal injuries can be fatal if neglected. It is especially important to undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation after an accident.

The cost of severe injury and disability


Medical and rehabilitation costs can be overwhelming and compounded by the loss of ability to work for a living. Families relying on earners will suffer if their breadwinner is incapacitated. It is a dismal truth, but the reality is that thousands of families suffer due to the devastating outcomes of vehicular accidents.

Truck drivers take to the roads of America to ensure that products and services are delivered on time. They are essential to our consumer-centric lifestyle. The risk for an accident is always present, which is why drivers of trucks and other motorists on the road should follow traffic rules and drive responsibly in order to avoid accidents that may cost someone their life and livelihood.

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