2020 is a great year to start a staycation business. It’s a safe way for individuals, couples, and small families to get away from their everyday quarantine routines without too much risk to their health. If you own a residential property, consider converting it into a non-traditional bed and breakfast where people can escape the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.

One way to ensure that your staycation house gains traction is by going for a more offbeat or less traditional theme for the interior decor. Going for off-the-wall, creative, and quirky design ideas and themes can help give your staycation business an edge over the others. Read on to see how to start and design an Airbnb that gives guests a stay they will never forget.


The Bohemian lifestyle first started in 19th century Paris, when writers, artists, performers, and nomads at the time lived by the principle that creativity, freedom, and imagination were much more valuable than making money. Living the lifestyle was all about non-conformity and chasing after beauty and pleasure. It follows then that any kind of “Bohemian-inspired” design and styling is marked by a general lack of structure and opts for a more carefree approach to choosing colors, patterns, textures, and layers. There is no hard and fast rule to creating a Bohemian space, but there are practices that you can take note of.

  • Choose a color palette that ranges from neutrals like beige, white, tan, and cream, to a mixture of vibrant jewel tones.
  • Don’t go for obvious shapes; instead, choose patterns and layer them in an intentionally haphazard but still aesthetically-pleasing looking way.
  • Mix and match patterns, colors, and layers. It’s hard to overdo a Bohemian design—but make sure to go for handmade pieces of furniture and art. Rattan, wood, wicker, and plush furniture are often the key features of a Bohemian home. Don’t forget to incorporate plenty of pillows and throws.


An industrial-themed interior pretty much takes inspiration from the lofty aesthetic of warehouses but elevated. This means exposed pipes, industrial-inspired furnishings, and reclaimed materials like metals, wood, and bare bricks. Here are some key characteristics to remember when designing in the industrial style:

  • Avoid using plush materials, fabrics, and textiles. Instead, choose utilitarian-looking materials like wood, iron, aluminum, steel, copper, and stone. The more distressed, the more industrial it looks. Scour your local antique shops and garage sales for pieces of furniture that you can breathe second life to.
  • When it comes to colors, you need to stick to palettes that consist mainly of the colors black, gray, and white. To make a room seem moodier, go for darker and deeper tones. You can add a certain level of flare by incorporating vibrant art that can stand in contrast to the otherwise masculine feel of the space.
  • To enhance the look of utilitarian cohesion in your space, go for blocky shapes and squared lines. Keep abstract shapes and organic curves to a minimum to retain the room’s industrial atmosphere.


breakfast in bed

This is a design theme or idea that can go sideways when not done well but can turn your bed and breakfast into a hit if done right. True to its name, the cottagecore approach to interior design and decor is inspired by the cultural movement that idealized the rural, idyllic, simple, and self-sufficient lifestyle. It’s no surprise that the movement really took off during quarantine since it’s all about returning to more genteel and traditional practices like baking, gardening, knitting, and others. Here are some design elements to remember when creating a cottagecore-inspired space:

  • The cottagecore aesthetic can be reminiscent of the previously-loved shabby chic look, as well as rough luxe and faded genteel. Look into old English country houses to gain some inspiration.
  • Incorporate a lot of vintage style teapots and teacups, as well as a lot of antique styles, dried flowers, faded colors, and vintage furniture that are a bit chippy.
  • Take a gander at your neighborhood’s local markets and antique shops to see some handmade crochet cushion covers.
  • Other words that best describe this aesthetic are country, dreamlike, nostalgia, soulful, and sustainable. Take these words or atmosphere into account when deciding on what design elements to incorporate.

Bottom Line

Now more than ever, many consumers are on the lookout for safe ways to escape their daily lives. Providing consumers with an escape like a well-designed themed bed and breakfast may be exactly what they need. Just make sure to abide by health and safety guidelines and you might be able to give your guests a much-needed oasis from the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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