The Philippines has become an up and coming must-visit travel destination in Asia. Its capital, Manila, is particularly a great place to start exploring the culture, food, and beauty this country has to offer. If you’re putting this country in your bucket list, then you’re up for an adventure.

But, much like visiting any third-world destination, it’s important to take precautionary actions to be as safe as possible. You need to be aware of where it’s safe to stay, to travel, to eat, and even where you can find vans for rent in Manila. The more prepared you are, the safer your trip will be.

What to Do to Have a Safe Trip in Manila

Rent a car or a van

Public transportation in the Philippines is a lot more affordable than other countries, but it can be confusing for first-time travelers. To avoid getting lost and wasting time figuring out its crazy transportation system, it would be better to find a trustworthy company that offers vans for rent.

If you can hire a van with a driver who knows every corner of Manila, then this will make your trip a lot safer and easier, leaving you with nothing to worry about. The best part is, you can hire them for your entire trip. Just check their rates and see if they’re within your budget.

Look for places to eat online

You’ll find that most restaurants and local dining experiences can already be found on social media or through a Google search. Make a list of all the great places you want to eat in and check the reviews in their popular dishes.

Also, you’ll find that most Filipinos can speak and understand English. If you’re in a strict diet or have allergies, you can ask what’s in the food you’re planning to order.

Keep your belongings safe

Manila is just like any other busy city where there are thieves who target tourists. Make sure that you keep your money and valuable belongings safe, particularly in a bag or pouch that can’t be easily opened or stolen.

Stay at a recommended hotel or Airbnb

As inviting as it is to stay at a cheap hostel or apartment, it’s better to stay at either an established and well-reviewed hotel or a trusted Airbnb space. Of course, you can also find great hostels that are also affordable. But, make it a point to review other traveler’s experiences before you book.

Rent a wifi device and sim card

Using mobile device in manila

Wi-Fi isn’t as accessible in the Philippines compared to other countries. Good thing, you can easily rent Wi-Fi devices and buy local sim cards to help you communicate as well as discover your way around the city and other destinations.

Your trip to the Phillippines should be fun and exciting. To avoid any inconveniences or problems, it is better to be safe and prepared before you travel there. Follow these to guarantee that you will have the time of your life visiting this wonderful destination.


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