Experienced commercial roofing contractors know that gutter replacement is relatively low-cost. However, such a notion is not universal. Sometimes, this project could go out of hand financially due to several factors. To budget for your gutter replacement accordingly, take the considerations below into account.

1. Material

Like roofs, gutters are available in different materials. By and large, plastic options like vinyl are the most economical while metal ones are the costliest for good reason. The first group is more susceptible to the elements; they can dent due to precipitation and crack because of extreme temperature fluctuations. Metals such as aluminum, galvanized steel, and copper are more resilient and long-lasting.

2. Gutter Length

Gutters are priced per linear foot. Irrespective of the material, your gutter project will cost more the bigger your house is. Do not commit the sin of installing gutters in just select sections. They should run the length of all sides of the house. There might be exceptions to the rule, so consult a reputable roofer to get sound advice and avoid buying more gutters than necessary.

3. Style

Compared to traditional sectional gutters, seamless ones cost more. They are not mass-produced; rather, they are measured and cut according to the exact specifications of your property. Although seamless gutters are more expensive, you could recoup your initial expense over time through less maintenance expenditure and product longevity.

4. Labor

Professional gutter installation service does not come cheap, which is why many property owners are highly motivated to take the DIY route. Admittedly, it is possible for do-it-yourselfers to install certain gutter systems. Relying on sweat equity is a surefire way to cut home improvement costs.

Then again, there is a reason why no expert would recommend DIY gutter replacement. Like any roofing project, it is extremely hazardous and requires serious technical know-how, not to mention proper equipment. If you opt not to hire a pro, you may be forced to find someone capable eventually if you botch the job. After all, calculating the proper gutter pitch, spacing hangers correctly, and placing the gutters properly are key tasks with no room for error.

5. Disposal

Do not assume that garbage disposal is part of the cleanup. Your prospective contractor may not consider it a standard service, so ask about it right from the start. If it is part of the deal with no additional charge, make sure that it is in the contract. Otherwise, you may be forced to pay extra to have your old gutters removed from your yard safely.

6. Gutter Drainage

Typical downspouts are not long enough to divert water far enough from the property. To avoid ponding, strongly consider installing a gutter drainage system to channel rainwater away from the foundation.

7. Gutter Protection

Uncovered gutters can function properly, except that they are more prone to clogging. A gutter protection system is worth every penny to significantly reduce the chances of debris buildup.

Clearly, several factors could drive up or down the cost of gutter replacement. Give each proper consideration to avoid going over budget and still get the most bang from your buck.

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