New Year’s Eve is the last day of the year that provokes mixed feelings for a lot of people. On one hand, you have people experiencing a sense of nostalgia as they look back at the events that occurred in the past 12 months. On the other hand, New Year’s Eve is a day to look forward to what’s in store for the succeeding year.

If you’re looking to fully enjoy your last hurrah, you’ll want to throw an awesome New Year’s Eve celebration with the people that have made your year awesome.

Here are eight event ideas that will inspire you to welcome what lies ahead:

1. Party Like It’s the 1920s

One of the glamorous times that you and your guests can relive is the roaring ‘20s. Play some jazz music or get everyone to dance to Charleston. Then, hire a luxury party rental services provider to help transform your chosen venue into an old-fashioned speakeasy. If you want your guests to celebrate in style, ask them to wear a Gatsby-inspired costume.

2. Spike Your Desserts

Elevate your New Year’s Eve party with two things: booze and deliciously sinful desserts. Rather than serve them separately, combine the two elements by putting up a boozy dessert bar at your party location. Add a touch of “spirit” to your end-of-the-year celebration by serving sweet treats, such as bourbon bread pudding, Bailey’s chocolate cake and champagne cupcakes.

3. Serve Breakfast Foods for Dinner

Consider throwing a breakfast-for-dinner party for your guests. You could serve a traditional continental breakfast or offer sweet breakfast foods, such as waffles, pancakes and cereal. The best thing about this theme is that you can eat some delicious leftovers on the first morning of next year.

4. Get People to Write Down Their Wishes or Resolutions

You shouldn’t have to wait to begin thinking about your goals and hopes for the succeeding year. Before you start your festive celebration, place a pretty container at the entrance with blank colorful cards or pieces of paper. Then, instruct guests to write down goals for next year.

Once everyone has finished with this activity, ask your guests to pin these goals on a board for everyone to see. Your New Year’s Resolution board will serve as a nice centerpiece for your party.

Before the event ends, encourage attendees to bring home their written wishes. This will allow them to remember what they should focus on for the next year.

5. Recap the Year

A lot has happened these past 12 months. Some days were awesome, while others were just flat-out terrible. During your New Year’s Eve party, have a session that lets everyone share stories and special events that happened this year.

6. Get People Singing

team discussing

Rent a karaoke machine and get your guests to belt out their favorite songs. Even if your attendees don’t sound like their star idol, they can sing their hearts out and have a grand time.

You can take this event up a notch by hosting a friendly karaoke competition. Hand on awesome and funny awards, such as best spot-on impersonation of an artist, most passionate soul singer, best rapper and duet singers of the night.

7. Host a Game Night

Liven up the party by bringing out the card and board games. Host tournaments or friendly competitions for games like scrabble, poker, charades and pictionary. Then, award special prizes for winners or the winning team.

8. Offer Tarot Card Readings

Although you can’t predict the future, you can do this for entertainment by hiring a tarot card reader. Have this person look at the cosmos to find out what’s in store for you and your guests. Don’t worry if the reader reveals a bad card. The important thing is that everyone’s having fun and talking enthusiastically about their readings.

Throw an awesome New Year’s Eve party with any of these creative ideas. A great end-of-the-year party will encourage you to say goodbye to the current year and look forward to the many good things on the horizon.