There are countless horror stories you’ll come across regarding hiring plumbing services. This usually happens because individuals don’t do proper research before hiring a plumbing company or an individual. Are you planning to have a plumber at your home to carry out a residential kitchen plumbing or bathroom inspection?

While the task of plumbing inspection may look simple and you trust the plumber in performing his duties honestly, here are some things that you need to make sure that the task is carried out diligently. You won’t want a horrific experience for yourself. So here are key things that you need to be sure of before hiring one.

Check for the license

This is the most important check one needs to do before hiring plumbing services. A licensed plumbing services provider needs to have two types of licenses. The first is a business license that allows them to provide plumbing services in the county or the area where you reside. The license needs to be registered with the state. Similarly, the plumbing service provider also needs to have at least one licensed master plumber.

If there is an issue with either of the license, it can mean that something is not right. You should preferably not hire such plumbing service providers. In case you are hiring an individual plumber, make sure that even they have the necessary plumbing license.

The total cost of the project

Most plumbers usually offer an estimate for the project, which generally goes overboard. Homeowners usually end up spending more than the estimated bill. While in most cases, the difference is not that huge, in some cases, it can be significant. Thus, to avoid such situations, it is better to detail the quoted amount, including the cost of materials and the working wage. Thus, even if the project deviates, there won’t be much of a difference.

Check for asset protection

plumbing concept

Things can sometimes go wrong during the plumbing work. Similarly, the fixed problem may return in a few months. Thus, before signing a contract, you should check for asset protection terms. The plumbing services provider should provide a guarantee that there will be no damages to your property. And if there are, the same will be fixed free of cost. Similarly, there should also be a warranty that the fixed plumbing will not give any issues for at least six months. In case any issue arises, the same will be fixed free of charge. If there is no asset protection provided by the plumber, it is advisable to look for another.

The pay rate and method

Some plumbing services providers provide a flat rate depending upon the work, while some have an hourly wage system. A flat rate includes the cost of materials as well as the labor costs. An hourly rate system has fixed materials costs, but the labor charges depend upon the hours required to complete the job. The issue with the hourly rate system is that the plumber may purposely increase the time required to get additional pay. Also, ask the plumber when they want the payment to be made. Some ask for an upfront amount, while some use a ‘milestone’ method where payments need to be made upon completing certain tasks.

Similarly, ask the plumber about the medium of payment to avoid any hassles during payment. Some plumbers will accept cash and provide a receipt for the same, while others prefer a check or online transfer. Before hiring the plumber, have the payment method agreed upon mutually.

While hiring a plumber and getting your plumbing done looks like an easy task, it is definitely not so. You need to have thorough research done before you hire anyone for the job. It will not only spare you the hassle and inconvenience but also help save money.

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