The music industry is thriving in the digital space, and music is something that will not go away anytime soon. People love music, and each genre has something new to offer. It’s hard to imagine a world without music. You’re probably listening to your favorite song right now, and it fills you with emotions. However, if you’re using music as a way to isolate yourself from the world, there’s a problem.

You Let Time Pass You by

Music has a way of accessing emotions, and it makes songs hard to resist. Even musical scores intensify the mood of your favorite scenes. You’re ready to close the Hunter Douglas blinds in your NJ home, put your phone down, and immerse yourself in the unfolding scene in front of you. It’s all right if you do this once in a while. After all, you could do with some time alone to unwind. However, it’s different when instead of doing productive things, you let time pass you by. You’re content with the music blaring around your apartment, and you decline invitations to go out in favor of staying indoors in extended solitude. Your obligations are put on hold, and your relationships suffer.

You Become Less Approachable

woman using her phone

Even when you go out, if you’re always listening to music, you’re missing out on interactions with people. This in itself should not be considered a negative thing, but if you add this to your inability to connect with other people, you’re setting yourself up to a lifetime of loneliness. Music can be used in two ways: it can bring you closer with someone who shares the same interests as you or it can limit you from connecting with people and starting a relationship with them. Japan has already seen a rise in individuals who have withdrawn from society; the U.S. also has its fair share of people who, instead of being productive citizens, have an unhealthy relationship with their phones. Music adds to the problem when it becomes a barrier to you conversing with people.

You Put Too Much Meaning to Lyrics

Even though you don’t know how to connect with people, this doesn’t mean you don’t want to form that connection. The problem when you use music as a replacement to real-world connections is you over analyze everything that has to do with it. You long to connect with someone, and because all you have is music, the person you feel closest to is the artist. It’s been years since Eminem released the hit song “Stan,” but its story is still relevant today. The song inspired the term that is now used for people who dedicate a good portion of their life supporting their favorite artists. There needs to be a balance between the time you spend with friends and family and the time you use to “connect” with artists. Knowing the meaning behind their songs does not make them your best friend–at least not in the sense that you can run to them when you need to cope with a difficult situation. For that, you need real friends.

Music makes our life more fun. Songs give us the perfect soundtrack to our life, but it’s healthier if we have real people to share each song with.