Imagine extending the living room to the garden or the kitchen to the pool area where visitors can hang out and have a spacious area to socialize, play some games, and grill burgers. Just by opening a sliding door, homeowners can maximize the entire space.

In the real estate market, there is a new must-have: indoor/outdoor living. According to a report, 59% of Millennial buyers look for an outdoor living space when checking out homes for sale in the Guelph Area. The majority of millennials also decorate and upgrade this space to become relaxing, aiming to convert it into a room of sorts.

This indoor/outdoor feature blurs the line between nature and the house. This trend is called “transterior,” emphasizing the merging of the outdoors and the indoors, and vice versa. Therefore, the outdoors becomes one with the room, and sometimes, homeowners customize the outdoor area to become a living room in itself. They add furniture, an outdoor kitchen, a fireplace, etc. to make it feel as cozy and livable as possible.

Social gatherings

There may be times where friends and family come over for lunch or a party. An outdoor space is where children can run around without worrying about breaking something. Adults can start a grill, arrange a game, or gather at the table to talk about anything.

When planning a party, people can put up tables in the outdoor area, hang some lights, and there’s enough space for everyone. Contrary to being contained in a room, an outdoor setting is more relaxing because nature surrounds them.

Welcoming natural light to the house

Younger generations are known to spend 90% of the time indoors, secluding them from nature. With the help of “transterior,” people can stay in touch with nature effortlessly. They can look out a huge window and see the garden and the sky. They can be sitting on the couch and still feel sunlight on their skin.

As a result, they still reap the benefits of nature. Sunlight can increase the production of happy hormones and Vitamin D. Having natural light at home can also help with the sleep cycle as the body naturally adapts to sunrise and sunset, as opposed to artificial light. Ultimately, welcoming natural light to the house can make a person more productive as sunlight boosts their energy.

Increasing ventilation

Living room

Having more windows and doors in the house will help in the circulation of air. Because of this, the HVAC system will not need to be in action most of the time, or they won’t have to exert so much effort.

By letting fresh air circulate in the house, those who live there will reap its health benefits such as an immune system boost, better heart and brain health, and reduce humidity and airborne chemicals. Moreover, the less use of the HVAC system can help the house save on electricity bills as well as reduce carbon emissions due to lower energy consumption.

“Transterior” is a more natural way of relaxation at home

It’s a modern twist to the usual garden and patio. It’s undeniably innovative, increasing space without sacrificing a considerable amount of money.