Legal processes are intended to expose the facts of a case. In the hands of a qualified brain injury attorney in places like Los Angeles, you can expect your personal injury claim to progress with a good outcome. You can hope and pray that the case will be settled quickly, but there may be hurdles along the way. What can you expect now that you have decided to seek representation for your case?

An ally to ensure that your rights are protected

You have made the right decision to hire an experienced law firm to facilitate your claim. The best lawyers prioritize your interests and you can count on them to ease your burden. The future’s uncertainty may fill you with an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. Yet, it may give you comfort in knowing what to expect in the next few weeks.

Gathering of facts and collection of evidence

While preparing a lawsuit, your attorney will focus on gathering information. Facts must be collected before your team can devise a strategy, with the goal of getting you fair compensation. What happened to you would be documented in police reports and medical records. These documents will be gathered and additional accounts from witnesses will be collected by your legal team. Expect care and diligence, as well as the exercise of confidentiality. After all, you have hired the best team to handle (and win) your case.

The demand package

The goal of information gathering is to collect adequate material to use in the settlement offer or demand package. The opposing party would be ready with their own legal team. In the meantime, you can rest easy knowing that your own team can put together a demand package consisting of the demand letter and supporting documents. The letter outlines the facts of your case and the reasons the defendant has the liability for the injuries you have incurred. Crafting the demand letter should be easy for an experienced attorney.

Should the opposing party declines to accept the offer, your lawyers will gear up for a lawsuit. In this scenario, your own legal team will file a summon and compliant in court, and the court will serve the complaint on the defendant. Hopefully, the party responsible for your injuries would accept the settlement and/or respond with a counteroffer so that you won’t have to go to court.

Considering an alternative to a trial

court trial

You and your team must be open to alternatives — to agree on a settlement before the last resort, which is to take the case to court. The stress of going through a trial might not be good for you, as you will be recuperating from your injuries. The costs of the legal proceedings could escalate as well. Mediation would be ideal if you and the other party are willing to resolve the dispute with the help of a neutral third party.

A personal injury case need not drag on for months. You and your attorney can work together to attain your primary objective — to receive the right compensation from the person responsible for your injuries.

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