Being part of the auto repair industry is tough. Car owners expect the best from you because they’re handing to you one of their most prized possessions. Additionally, with rising car prices, they are also considered one of the most expensive things you can buy in the US. So if you have an auto repair shop or planning to start one, be prepared to bring out your A-game because your shop isn’t going to survive if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Simple experience isn’t going to get you on the top of this industry. You’re going to need to learn from your mistakes and apply what you learn every time you get a client. Thankfully, you can learn from others who made it to the top of the industry. Here are some of the best auto repair shops globally and what you can learn from them.

Midas International

Midas International is an auto repair shop that started in the 1960s. The company started primarily taking care of mufflers and exhaust but eventually transitioned to complete car repair in the ’90s. The company is known for its good customer service and fast repair. It was the winner of America’s Best Customer Service 2019 for automotive repair. So what can you learn from Midas International? Is it good service that wins customers? No. What you can learn from them is how to grow your auto repair company.

If you think about it, you only know a few people in your neighborhood that can do tire fitting or repair. When it comes to engine repair, it’s fewer than that. It’s problematic to find an employee capable of working in Automotives simply because there aren’t many people doing it. It’s hard and physical work that’s demanding on the body. However, when done right, it could be a breeze.

Midas International knew that they couldn’t wait for people to graduate from college to work for their franchise. They can’t wait for experience employees. That’s why they train their franchise owners and employees regarding what they need to know in the auto repair industry.

That’s right. If you’re willing to grow your company, you’re going to need to invest in training your employees. Training your employees can lead to fewer workplace accidents and an increase in production. Both of these are essential if you want to expand your company to other places. Additionally, by hiring inexperienced workers, you can gain access to a bigger pool of potential employees. You’ll also see them grow and love working for your company. This is essential, especially if you want to keep your employees.

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Carstar first opened its doors in 1989. Back then, it specialized in collision repair, but later on, it expanded on full car repair. However, the company still prides itself on being one of the best auto repair companies to work on collisions. Much like Midas International, the company helps franchise owners to train their employees. One of the best things you can from Carstar is industry specialization.

Up to this day, Carstar is one of the best auto repair companies that handle vehicle collisions, and for a good reason: they’ve specialized in it for more than thirty years. It’s also what placed the company on the map. Whenever car-owners get into an accident with their cars, they think of Carstar. Whenever an insurance company looks for a company to handle car collisions, they hire Carstar. This is how specialization works and why it’s good to specialize in something when you’re in a given industry.

Specialization can help you build your brand. It’s also a great way to market yourself in a multi-billion industry such as this. It”s something that your target audience will be looking for and something that car-owners from other states will visit your shop for. It’s also much easier to specialize in something when starting. If you check the histories of the companies on this list, they’ve started from repairing primarily mufflers and exhaust systems and eventually branched out. Specialization means less hassle in learning other things and mainly concentrating and growing your craft. After you’ve mastered it, you can start adding different kinds of repair to your portfolio.

Precision Tune Auto Care

Precision Tune is one of the younger companies we have on this list, but it’s fast-growing. Starting, Precision Tune specialized in a tune-up for cars but eventually expanded in doing all kinds of repair. However, unlike the other two companies on this list, this company prevents the need for car repair in the future.

Tune-ups are essential for every vehicle out there. It’s also a service that can keep cars in a top-notch state. As long as a vehicle is tuned, it wouldn’t need much car repair. Although it sounds terrible for auto repair shops, it’s good for customers. This is one way you can find loyal customers to your shop because through tune-ups, you’re preventing them from spending more money than they already do on their cars. This loyal customer base will keep coming back to you no matter what because they know you think what’s best for them.

Here are some of the best auto repair companies in the world. They have many things to teach the auto repair industry. These are teachings you should implement in your auto repair shop to grow and become one of the best in the industry.


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