You can become an entrepreneur without starting from scratch. With franchise options, you can own a business without the uncertainty of finding a market and following an effective process. A franchise is a turnkey business that has an established reputation, which means a higher success rate than if you were to go it alone. Moreover, you’ll have multiple options you’re likely to find appealing.

Here’s a brief list of services you can consider:

House Care

By 2022, the cleaning services market is expected to reach $74.299 million; opting for any sort of cleaning service now can get you a cut of that projected growth. Traditional services that residential and commercial markets use include deep cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and window and floor cleaning. Maid services are also an important franchise option.

If you want a business that takes care of other parts of the home, you can do no wrong buying a franchise on lawn care maintenance. The landscaping services industry grew by 5.8 percent, racking up a revenue of $93 billion in 2018. You can also look into pest control and repair and painting services as other options.

Spa and Salon

There are multiple types of spas and salons to available to franchisers looking at the beauty industry. Spas, for example, can offer accommodation, basic beauty and wellness treatments, or healthy cuisine and invigorating activities. These businesses can operate out of large mall spaces or a countryside estate.

Whereas spas focus on improving the wellbeing of your customers, salons look to enhance the beauty of customers. Some spa franchises specialize in treatments, like organic luxury body wraps and facials, therapeutic massages and aromatherapy, and holistic health. The same goes for salons, some of which focus on nail care and hair coloring while others serve as a training facility for cosmetology students.

Then there are the barber shops, which have become quite the lifestyle as some establishments combine old world luxury and modern techniques in men’s grooming.

Personal Services

Salon franchise

The U.S. personal services industry is booming as insiders expect it to lead in terms of growth by 5 percent. This line of business will take the third spot in output at $37.75 billion, which is a 7 percent jump from the previous year’s output.

Franchises can range from the usual necessities (laundromat, payment centers, senior care), personal enrichment (tutorial centers, music, and dance classes), rental services (eveningwear, furniture, and electronic equipment), and recreation (rentals and water crafts).

Child care

Parents in the US are increasingly turning to child care services to lend them a helping hand. About 54,000 commercial facilities in America earned a combined revenue of $27 billion as of January. That’s not counting the $14 billion annual revenue of some 21,000 facilities run by nonprofit groups.

When you think of investing in a child care franchise, you have to consider if your franchisor offers in-home or external services. Daycare centers can offer early education to tots while their parents are away. Child care services extend to academic tutorials, physical activity classes, and music and art courses.

Every kind of franchising business needs an owner who is dedicated to running it. Taking care of your business means paying bills and employees on time, leading by example, and focusing on creating solutions. In short, do the opposite of what a bad boss would do, keep ahead of trends and news, and your business is bound to turn out well.