With an ongoing pandemic, experts suggest that booking a vacation home through Airbnb is much safer than staying in a hotel. This is because tenants tend to occupy an Airbnb to themselves, whereas staying in a hotel would require them to interact with more people. Now might be a good time to invest in a vacation home that you can rent out to people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life.

If you find lake houses for sale that you see yourself flipping to rent out to vacationers, here are some stunning design ideas you can play with.

Maximise the view

One of the main reasons people look for vacation spots with a gorgeous body of water is that they don’t often have these serene landscapes. The main thing that makes a lake house is the view. The best way to maximise it is by incorporating plenty of large windows and plush seating beside those windows. Your tenants will surely appreciate being able to have a lazy afternoon to themselves while reading a book and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. This seating can also be a nook or a window bench, but regardless of how you design it, make sure it’s in full view of the sparkling lake.

Prioritise indoor-outdoor living

If your property also happens to have a massive front yard or backyard, make sure to prioritise indoor-outdoor living. Transitional spaces like porches, decks, patios, and sun rooms can add more living spaces to your home without sacrificing the beauty and serenity of nature. If your lake house is located in an area with harsh winters, consider converting one of the outdoor living areas into an all-season room to protect your tenants even from the cold.

Do an elegant take of the nautical theme

This may seem like an expected idea since your vacation rental is by the lake, so the best way is to do an elegant take on the oft-used nautical home concept. Don’t go for the obvious design choices like oars on the walls, a big boat design on the coffee table, and using too much blue. Instead, go for a more low-key approach, like a white and navy palette that looks cool on the eyes. Navy is a wonderful go-to colour for a lake house because it’s welcoming and cosy but dark enough to cover grime and dirt that may enter the house after a long day on the water.

grilling station

Incorporate an outdoor bar and grilling station

Since families and groups of friends might want to feel a semblance of normalcy while in your lake house, you can help them take advantage of the great outdoors by providing the home with a grilling station and an outdoor bar. A white, DIY-looking tiki can be made of simple sheds and would be a wonderful way for people to sip some refreshing cocktails while watching boats go by on the water. An outdoor grill or kitchen, on the other hand, can be a safer way for your tenants to gather and dine together.

Find ways to add sleeping quarters and beds

Design the bedrooms in ways that can add as many beds as possible, as stylishly as possible. If there is an unused attic in the home, consider converting it into an extra living space by adding twin beds or loft beds instead of queen or full-sized beds. It will incentivise bigger groups to choose your home over other Airbnb and rentals.

Decorate common areas around the view

Since one look out the windows is all it takes to take your tenants’ breath away, consider decorating common areas around the lake view, and make the windows the focal point of every common room. Don’t design around the fireplace or a TV set when tenants can talk and relax in the living room with a gorgeous view of the lake. It will also be good for parents of little children since they’ll be able to watch their kids play outside while spending quality time with their fellow adults.

Make it pet-friendly

Plenty of pet owners might also want to give their fur babies some time to bask in the glow of nature, so make the home as pet-friendly as possible. Create a space in the home for a dog bed; pet owner tenants will thank you for it.

Going to a lake house is can be a wonderful way for vacationers to get away from the realities of the pandemic. Design the rental of their dreams and give them a chance to relax through your property.