Digital marketing is the focus of all companies nowadays. There are many strategies that work for digital marketing, but few have as much an impact as videos. Over five billion videos are watched daily on social media platforms, and over 1200% of the shares of content online come from social videos rather than images and text. With these statistics, any business not investing in videos for their digital marketing is setting itself up for failure.

Uploading routine videos on various platforms without the input of a full-service digital marketing agency based in Phoenix, Arizona is however futile. This is because you should have clear strategies on the use of videos in your online marketing to guarantee their positive impact. Moreover, there are various coding and uploading rules that should be followed to ensure that the videos lead people from your social media platforms to your website. The following are some strategies for using videos on different social media platforms to boost your digital marketing efforts:


Facebook videos have a two-week lifespan, which is primarily determined by the number of their shares. Most Facebook users are middle-aged, and connecting with them will boost the chances of your video garnering enough shares to keep it trending for a few days. The best performing videos for this platform are those with an emotional resonance like testimonial and brand and industry videos. By evoking a client’s emotions on this platform, you boost the odds of them sharing your video.


This is the best platform for reaching out to millennials. Instagram stories will be the perfect feature on this platform to help you reach your audience using time-limited videos. Here, you should aim for live streams and day-in-the-life and behind-the-scenes videos. The authenticity of these videos does not make them look too promotional. It attracts the audience on this platform.


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The consistency of YouTube videos is what makes this platform stand out from the rest used for digital marketing.  You should consider having a YouTube series where you post videos frequently and at set times to keep your audience hooked. The best videos to use on this platform are how-to videos explaining your products and services. Industry or educational-style videos detailing tips and tricks of maximizing the value of your products and services also work on this platform.


This platform is renowned as a professional’s network, but you can also market on it to break the monotony of the job-related feeds. LinkedIn videos are mainly used for recruiting, attracting, and nurturing potential customers and even the best employees. Hosting a live webinar, product, event, or demo video on this platform is the best way to reach the professional audience here.

While the profits you stand to gain from digital marketing cannot be overstated, this venture can also be the cause of your company’s downfall. A mistake with the video content that you post on the platforms mentioned above can see you get an online backlash and lose most of your clients in seconds. As such, deciding to handle your digital marketing in-house is a no-no. Outsource a professional to guarantee that you reap the highest benefits and build your brand’s visibility through digital marketing.


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