Most homeowners spruce up their homes depending on the season. Some winterize their houses to make sure they’re comfortable during the colder months, while others look for ways to keep their home cool as the weather turns warmer. But what better time to refresh your home than on New Year, right?

Now more than ever, we’ve learned that our homes will always be our private sanctuary. Such space gives us a place to be alone, do our hobbies, and bond with our loved ones. And if you want your 2022 to be inspiring and new, revamping can motivate you to make positive changes in your life. Here are a few interior changes you can make to freshen up your home this coming New Year.

1. Make smarter storage solutions

Reorganizing has been a favorite for homeowners during the new year. The thing is, not all rethink the storage solutions they have in the house. People love bringing new stuff at home even without sufficient storage. So, for the new year, you’ll need to increase and maximize your space so you can have a place for everything. Beds with storage underneath are popular options for small living spaces today. You can use it to store your seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, or spare bedding.

For your pantry, use thinner shelves to maximize the space. There are also cabinet platforms that you can buy to use the extra height on your kitchen cupboards or clothes drawers. If you’re up for total storage revamp, you can purchase multifunctional furniture and sell or donate your old ones to save more space.

2. Purge your wardrobe

Since we’re talking about a new year, it’s the perfect time to get rid of some of your things and only keep those that matter. Clothes storage is no question one of the areas in the house that’s more likely to be filled with rarely used items. When deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, it’s ideal for keeping the pieces that make you feel good now. You can choose to sell or donate that clothes you won’t be putting back in the closet, as long as they’re still wearable.

You can also make your wardrobe purge and organization easier by sorting them out by categories. These may include seasonal, everyday, and forgotten ones. With regard to the pieces you choose to keep, you can always find ways to extend their life. The New Year doesn’t mean new clothes too. Learn how to sew up loosen hems, tailor shirts, or replace zips.

3. Create a new focal point

In interior design, focal points are often the huge functional furniture in the rooms. It’s the bed in your sleeping area, the couch in the living room, or the countertops in your kitchen. But if you want something unique for the New Year, you can use your vertical space to show off some amazing statement pieces that can be the room’s focal point.

For instance, if you’re in patriotic home decorations, you can hang a wooden American flag just above your longest couch in the living room. Or, you can put it above the low-slung cabinet in your dining room. This wall piece catches the eyes of anyone who enters the room.

If you want something more personal or quirky, you can create a gallery wall using your family photos. You can use picture frames in different sizes, shapes, and colors to make the gallery wall more visually appealing. You can also add small prints or interesting artwork to your wall.

4. Update window treatments
windows with white curtain

Sprucing up your window treatments can surely give your home an amazing new look for 2022. One eclectic choice is interior glass shades, which are available in different patterns and styles. They don’t just look great, but they can also give you total privacy when you need one. If you want to inject some color, stained glass can indeed transform the vibes in your home. They are also ideal for limiting the view and harsh light coming inside your house.

And yes, the colorful shadows are exquisite! Do you want to maximize natural light while still obstructing some view from the outside of the house? Sheer white curtains are worth the buy. Other window treatments to consider are double blinds, classic or farmhouse shutters, multi-hued curtains, retractable shades, and many more.

Starting the brand new year with a tranquil and inspiring home can motivate you to embark on new resolutions. These suggestions can bring life to your dull interior and make your home a happy and healthy place. Just don’t forget to add some personal touches to make your interiors more refreshing for the New Year!


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