Spring cleaning isn’t a mere annual activity that homeowners do to polish up their homes — it’s a mindset. It encourages individuals to get up and stop procrastinating to celebrate the art of disciplined home improvement.

When it’s done right, spring cleaning is more than merely ‘cleaning,’ it’s an efficient yearly reorganization of your life and personal environment. The best part is, you can do ‘spring cleaning’ at any time of the year, allowing you to reap the benefits of a sparkling home year-round.

However, if you want to stick to tradition and spruce up your home during the spring cleaning season, here are tips or ‘hacks’ to consider.

Tend to Your Garden

Never underestimate the power of curb appeal, especially when it comes to impressing neighbors and increasing home value. So, use spring cleaning season as your chance to give your garden or yard more love than just merely mowing overgrown grass — and invest in new Turfs such as Kikuyu, buffalo, Scutch, common couch, and St. Augustine for fresh grass for the year. You can also consider adding new planter beds or flower pots.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

A great way to spruce up your home during spring cleaning is adding a fresh lick of paint, making your house look new. The best part is since you’re already moving stuff around your property to do some deep cleaning, take advantage of the opportunity to reinforce the paintwork or go for a new coat if you’re after a new look. Make sure to add a fresh coat of paint to both interiors and exteriors of the home for a uniform look.

Clean and Seal Grout

Odd spots between your tiling or splashbacks can be unpleasant to look at, making your home look grimy. When spring cleaning, don’t forget about the grouts and scrub them to bring back their original color and reseal any cracks or replace them entirely if they’ve discolored permanently.

Fix the ‘Little’ Things

Those little wobbly doorknobs or loose-tap fittings that keep falling off can lead to more significant and expensive damages, in the long run, so make an effort to fix all these ‘little’ issues during your springtime cleaning. Doing this early on gives you peace of mind, helping you focus on sprucing up your home aesthetically and functionally.

Don’t Forget the Appliances

Besides cleaning your home’s interiors, don’t forget about the things running your home. Home appliances take a toll over the years as they get used on a daily or weekly basis. So, make sure to include deep cleaning your appliances during spring cleaning. You can start by getting packets of all-purpose cleaners and run them through dishwashers and washers or run the clean cycle on your oven.

vacuuming floor

Clean By Room

Cleaning your home room-per-room is the most efficient way you can deep-clean the structure during spring cleaning, or any time of the year. Make sure to use room checklists as springboards for deep-cleaning the areas your house may need additional care. You can skip items that you’ve recently cleaned or tend to daily.

Additionally, when vacuuming your home, keep in mind that there are plenty of hard-to-reach areas throughout the premises. So, when doing your deep cleaning, make sure to move furniture and vacuum below and behind them as they accumulate a ton of dust over time,

For a successful spring cleaning session, break tasks into manageable chunks as being vague can result in you scurrying around your property, leaving unfinished tasks after another. Besides ensuring that you list each chore, add specific dates in the future as a firm target for finishing your spring cleaning while considering the tips mentioned for a faster and smoother process, leaving you with a sparkling clean home throughout the year.

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