Starting a business during a pandemic can be tricky, but it can be any other time. One of the major battles in business is creating a brand or name that will stand the test of time. In the early stages, it can be a challenge to make this name stick into the minds of your target audience.

Running a small business can be challenging during the pandemic-laden market landscape. There are lots of businesses that didn’t make it past the wilderness that is the COVID-19 situation. There are those that impressively went with the situation and got away with creating a great brand and recognizable packaging. Whether they had a 3-D-printed logo along with their product or a great package, they’re the real deal.

With the pandemic still very much around, you have to cope with business and the coronavirus. Learn how to navigate the tricky situation of the pandemic and build your business despite the myriad lockdowns here.

Creating a Low-cost Solution

When you’re starting a business, every cent counts. That includes creating packaging without having to break the bank to make it effective. There are a lot of great options for packages for your products out there, but you should always remember this: when starting out and you’ve got almost next to no capital, remember to skimp your wallet and create packaging while saving money.

Packaging materials range from humble paper bags to sophisticated boxes and plastic containers. Some of these may come cheap, while others may be a little more expensive. It all depends on the source and quality of your paper and packaging. Remember to go for the affordable options while sticking to a general level of quality you want to house your product in.

Find a Solution That Fits All

If you’re selling products, and they come in various shapes and sizes, you do not need to create separate boxes for them. You’ll save a lot more if you can choose a standard-sized box to house all of your products.

Order in large quantities or in wholesale to save on money. You’ll find it inexpensive even if you use boxes that look larger for the type of product that you’re selling. While it can be an issue for some, the amount of money that you save could become your solution.

There are lots of options to fill out the extra space left when packaging your products. You can fill it out with bubble wrap, or you can always go for environment-friendly fillers like cut paper or similar material.

Recycling Isn’t Only for Consumers

paper bags

Many companies always tell you to recycle, but if you’re running a small company yourself, you’ll find that this reminder isn’t only for people.

When you recycle, you’re not just saving the world—you’re also saving yourself a few dollars to buy things for your company. If you can, go for used boxes and materials that retailers sell. Be careful to choose the product as well, as there may be material that’s seen better days.

You will also need to mend these boxes or cover up holes, so be prepared for that. A creative way of repairing these boxes is to deck them in colors and patches that resemble your logo or your product’s design.

Make Your Honesty Stand Out

During the pandemic, people appreciate honesty all the more. It’s no different with packaging—be upfront with your customers about your brand and what you represent.

Some companies are guilty of not delivering on their promises. Be honest enough in how you depict your product. This goes with the packaging—create a package that will fit in with your product’s identity. It’s almost like packaging coffee in a brown paper bag that signifies freshness.

Always Go for Simplicity

In all things, simplicity is always the best. There’s a trend right now in design where people go minimal, whether at home or how they live their life. It could also do wonders for your packaging if your product is straightforward.

Just be honest and be creative in your simplicity. For example, if you’re selling a skin-clearing product, you might find a better time selling this product in a clear bottle with a precise list or description of what’s inside. Simplicity is key in all situations and even when you’re selling your product.

Businesses can make or break their success based on the packaging and how it goes with the brand. Don’t be too loud with your concept if your product is simple and humble. Remember to keep your packaging’s appearance as close to your product as possible.

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