News Strategies LLC is a new kind of communications consulting firm – committed to helping CEOs and top executives transform their businesses and organizations through results-focused communications … harnessing the influential power of the Internet to showcase client news … and building favorable awareness before audiences and the news media with engaging, real stories.

In a world where competitors desperately push out promotions, press releases and clamber for attention in an outdated style, we work with clients to establish credible engagement with audiences and the media. We can position our clients as a respected information resource and significantly heighten appeal for products and services. It is communications for the digital age.

Today’s digitally-driven information revolution is creating a new-world business matrix and model. Organizations large and small are finding they can simply bypass mainstream media to communicate their news, in their way, directly and effectively, to their publics. They can pick their media: Web sites, blogs, YouTube videos, and online sharing and social networking sites.

Strategic communications responsive to the speed of the Internet.

How do we get above the competitive clutter? How do you communicate in this new digital world? By understanding what our audiences want. And, that includes today’s media wants, mainstream and online. Today’s audiences respond to stories that create not only awareness but desire about products and services. Where are they looking? Mostly online, and that includes peer and third-party validation online.

Connected and online.

The first place anybody, including journalists, will go to learn about an organization is Google. With more than 12 years of making our clients shine online, we know how to boost Googleability and greater awareness.

News Strategies delivers:

  • Strategic communications planning – We assess existing resources and collaborate with clients to develop savvy, working plans that capitalize upon competitive opportunities and deliver practical results.
  • Media relations counseling by seasoned professional journalistsWhat’s really news, and what’s fluff that potentially can erode audience trust.
  • News interview coaching and preparation – The latest techniques for achieving outstanding interviews in the news media, conducted by a veteran working journalist with national and international experience.  Media training is the business of news credibility and influence, and not the place for PR promotional gimmicks.
  • Crisis control – We have decades of accomplishments and credentials of handling communications in crisis situations globally. Every crisis event is different and requires seasoned professionals who can expeditiously manage the most challenging situations.

In today’s online world, the influence and payoff of good corporate storytelling can be staggeringly powerful.

People like to share good news, so give them a story that they will get excited about and share with someone else. Increased media coverage, enhanced word of mouth, and greater awareness all build exponentially from a great story that is carried by many voices and travel around the world.