Living on a secluded property has its perks. You don’t have to deal with noisy neighbors, there’s a lot of empty space to wander about, and you get to enjoy a great amount of privacy. There are, however, downsides to living in a rural area, including the increased risk of home burglaries.

In a secluded area, the police will take a longer time to reach you in times of emergencies, and some criminals might take advantage of that. Therefore, here are some of the best ways to keep your rural home secure:

1. Light up your property

Rural properties often don’t get enough light after the sun goes down, providing a lot of dark areas for burglars to hide in. Moreover, there are no other houses to light up the surrounding area of the property.

To address this potential risk, install lighting systems such as LED bulkead emergency lights, motion-detecting lights, inground uplights, and other outdoor lighting systems that will give your property enough illumination to ward off criminals. You might also want to invest in floodlights as a deterrent if your property is larger than most.

However, it’s not practical to install lights in every square foot of your property. So instead of lights that stay on all throughout the night, invest in motion-detecting lights that you can place along the driveway, around barns and sheds, and near the boundaries of your property.

2. Invest in heavy-duty locks and doors

Having a security system is great, but it might not be enough. Ensure that your doors and manual locks on every point of entry are heavy-duty as well. Even if a burglar tries to break into your house, you will hear their struggle with the doors and locks before they even make a dent.

Equip your home security system with advanced locking mechanisms, such as fingerprint authentication or a passcode. However, make sure that you have manual locks to supplement your smart home security system–there are tech-savvy criminals out there that can hack into even the most sophisticated home security technology.

3. Don’t hide a spare key on your property

Even if there are hundreds of good hiding places on your property, don’t take the risk of hiding your spare key in one of them. You don’t know how dedicated some criminals can be, especially when you leave the property unattended for some time.

Instead of leaving your spare key in the property, consider leaving it with a trusted neighbor or a friend in town. It can be a hassle when you need your spare key, but it’s a necessary precaution for your safety.

4. Put up security cameras

Install security cameras around your property, particularly in areas where you think a criminal is likely to hide. It’s also a good idea to install a doorbell camera so you can see who’s in your doorstep. Moreover, you can access your security cameras remotely from your smartphone so you can watch over your property wherever you might be.

5. Build a fence

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If your property doesn’t have a fence yet, consider putting one up at least around the immediate area of your house. Although a fence won’t be 100% successful in keeping criminals away from your property, it will serve as an extra barrier and deterrent against them.

However, don’t put up a fence that obstructs your view of what’s beyond it; this can do more harm than good by providing hiding spots for criminals. Instead, consider installing a chain-link fence or metal bars that will still allow you to see beyond the fence.

6. Display warning signs

A warning sign can act as a deterrent against potential thieves. Although they don’t do much in actually keeping them out of your property, warning signs will let criminals know that you mean business and robbing your property comes with a great risk for them.

Examples of messages on warning signs can include:

  • This Property Is Protected By Video Surveillance
  • Warning: Security Cameras In Use
  • Do Not Trespass
  • You Are On Private Property
  • Attention: CCTV Protected
  • Guard Dogs On Property

7. Buy motion alarms

Motion alarms can also be a good investment, especially if you have a large property. This type of alarm can detect motion around the perimeter of your land, and when something crosses it, it will alert you from inside the house.

Keeping your home and family safe is one of the biggest concerns when you’re living in a secluded area. Thus, in home security, there is no such thing as overkill if it means deterring potential criminals from your property.


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