Gulfstream Aerospace

As head of global corporate communications at Gulfstream Aerospace, David Henderson and his team were given a short window of opportunity to (1) position the then-private company for an initial public offering (IPO), and (2) introduce the new ultra-long-range Gulfstream to a broad and diverse audience of business decision-makers and wealthy individuals worldwide.

gulfstream-v_desert-jetDavid’s strategic approach was to favorably and quickly capture the attention of the global business news media. He found that while most business reporters hadn’t been interested for years in a stereotypical story pitch about the merits of business aircraft, they were attracted to a skillfully crafted story pitch about the hot trend among corporations of buying ultra-expensive, ultra-long-range business aircraft.

Jetting to nearly every world capital, David invited select groups of top-level mainstream journalists from around the world to experience a flight aboard the $40 million Gulfstream V at 50,000 feet, far above all other aircraft traffic, and at a speed faster than most commercial airliners, it always guaranteed a great story, sometimes on the front page.

They always mentioned one of our key selling points: The Gulfstream V is the world’s longest range, high-performance business jet. The same story angle about the Gulfstream V appeared in every major publication and television news outlet around the world, and during that time, orders for the new aircraft increased 443 percent. The IPO was over-subscribed and wildly successful. And, the strategic news approach established Gulfstream as the hallmark of corporate aviation worldwide.