The real estate industry has been suffering from a bit of a setback during this global crisis. Coupled with the fact that the industry is already incredibly competitive, this ongoing situation of the past few months has made it quite difficult for real estate agents to attract more clients and close deals. If you’re one such agent who’s feeling the pressure, here are some effective real estate marketing tips to help increase your client base and boost your sales.

Optimize your online presence

Make yourself easy to find online by setting up accounts on all the most important social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. This is where you can connect with potential clients, promote your listings, and share updates and positive press coverage.

Ensure that you’re easy to get in touch with

Your contact information should be highly visible on your website and social media accounts. Include your name, email, phone number, and any relevant links.

Work with a professional photographer

These days, most clients search for listings online. You’ll have to make sure your listings stand out from every other one on the market with high-quality photographs. Spending money on a professional photographer is worth it since they can help you get beautiful shots that showcase all the best features of each of your properties.

Stay in touch with your previous clients

with real estate clients

Keep your previous clients’ contact information and check up on them every once in a while to see how they’re doing or greet them on special occasions. This will allow you to form a bond with them and makes them more likely to refer your services to other people.

Film virtual property tours

Not all potential clients will be available to tour your properties, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. This is especially true for clients who live in another city or county and are looking to move into a new neighborhood. You can help them out by filming virtual property tours of your listings. This allows them to get a comprehensive view of the location without having to physically be there.

Sign up for online real estate marketplaces

Create an account on online real estate marketplaces like Zillow and RE/MAX and post your listings there. This is necessary if you want people to discover you. A social media presence and a personal website will only get you so far. These websites already have a database of interested buyers and sellers that you can tap into if you truly want to successfully close deals.

Collect testimonials from previous clients

Showcasing testimonials and reviews from satisfied former clients on your website and social media accounts is an effective way to gain the trust of new clients. This is a form of social proof that assures interested customers who have never transacted with you that you’re running a legitimate operation. Talk to your previous clients and ask them for a testimonial and their permission to share them on your public online platforms.

Although it may be difficult to close deals at the moment, these are some easy and practical things you can do to help improve your reach and attract new clients so you can potentially boost your sales.