Fixing things up around the house should not be the sole job of a repairman. As a responsible homeowner, you will want to ensure that you can take care of at least some of the things at home. This can range from repairing a damaged chair to assembling furniture kits. To do all of that though, you will need a few tools and supplies.

Here is a quick list of things you will need to do some DIY tasks in your house:

A Hammer

Hammers are always useful. They have multiple uses though the main one is to drive a nail into any solid material. Some versions even have a claw to pry out stuck nails. You can also use a hammer to hit something hard, which is useful when you want to break through plaster or to force wooden pieces into place. Heavy claw hammers are the tool of choice since they are pretty versatile. You can use them to nail up wall hangings to working on your patio.


Besides nails, the other common material that keeps things together in your home are screws. You’ll need a way to tighten them up or loosen them and that is where screwdrivers come in. Most screws come in two types, flatheads and Phillips, which is why you need a pair of screwdrivers so that you would be able to handle any situation. You’ll need screwdrivers from everything like hinges to metal paneling. You can even get fancy and buy screwdrivers with fancy mechanisms that allow you to unscrew and screw faster.

A Wrench

There are times when you need to clamp down hard on something. Usually, you would need a vise, but those are for stable positions. If you need that clamp in an awkward position, a wrench is the best choice. Besides providing a tight grip, wrenches also allow you to loosen nuts and bolts in various furniture and equipment.

A Handsaw

There will be times you need to cut things down to size. Whether it is wood or metal, a good handsaw will be useful. They are small and compact, fitting well into your hand for quick cuts. This makes them perfect for small-scale repairs and building jobs.
closeup of a tape measure

A Tape Measure

You need to make sure you are doing things right so you’ll need to measure it exactly. Modern tape measures are accurate and allow you to mark things right. The usual choice for these is a 12-foot retractable tape measure. Cheap and easy to get, they are essential in any home DIY project.

Various Supplies

The tools are there, but you will also need additional supplies to work with. Nails and screws are the popular materials that you usually need, but there are more. For example, you will need a set of adhesives ranging from wood glue to top-quality silicone adhesive sealants so that you can seal things up. Cable ties and tape are also popular when doing repairs since they hold things in place as you do your job. Lubricants such as WD-40 are also useful when things are tight and you need something to slip in.

A full toolbox and sufficient supplies should get you ready to fix your home’s simple problems. You will need to learn some skills, but having the right tools can go a long way to make things easier. The list above should allow you to fill up your toolbox properly so that you will have what you need when you need.


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