Business ideas used to be so simple before technology intervened and made it more exciting and interesting. Of course, the use of technology has been providing people with comfort and convenience that made it quite impossible not to rely on it. Thus, the demand for technology in business is growing by the numbers.

As an entrepreneur, you would probably take advantage of the fact that you can make a profitable start-up business involving gadgets and technology. If you want to incorporate technology into an enterprise, here are some business ideas that can get you started.

Mobile phone repairs

According to a statistical report, 62.9% of the world’s population owns a phone. However, some are not rich enough to afford a replacement every time a new model is released or when their current phone gets damaged. People would choose a practical approach and lean on repairing the phone at a reasonable price to save a few bucks.

Phone accessories distributor

People of all age and sizes prefer a hint of customization on their phone. Some would like to attach a dangling charm, while others would opt for a custom-printed case. Since technology is never short of means to provide people with what they want, you can be a distributor for cellphone accessories. If you want, you can even open a cellphone franchise and incorporate the distribution of accessories to your business so you’re a one-stop shop for those looking for new phones.

Computer hardware repair and replacement

One practical start-up business idea is to invest in a laptop and computer repair center. This is where people can purchase parts and other items related to their computers. Computers and laptops can be expensive, so it’s not advisable to have them replaced all the time. The good thing is, various manufacturers, allow laptop models to have upgradeable parts, which you can distribute to the masses.

Application or software developer

If your skills lean more towards the creation of software and applications that more other enterprises or offices need, you can set up a remote software and application development company. You can use various social media platforms to advertise your services, ask help from friends and family to introduce you to people or organization who might need one and start from there.

Internet Café

Of course, some people don’t own a laptop but need access to one. This is where internet shops become useful. You can start by investing in a few units and maintaining them until you have saved more than enough to purchase additional ones. This is feasible for areas where schools and offices are present.

Website designing and development

Much like how an IT person would develop apps or software, this is intended for a browser. Many businesses utilize websites in the hopes of converting visits into sales. If you have the skills and talent in designing and creating an interactive website, market it online and show a reputable portfolio for higher chances of landing a gig with a potential client.

Multi-media production

woman editing photos

There are a lot of people that need photography, video and documentation services. You can start with your closest friends and families and use the media as your portfolio. From then on, take on small gigs at a time and expand your servicing area for more coverage.

As you can see, you have plenty of options when it comes to business ideas if you’re tech-savvy. All you need is a little more hard work since you already have most of the skills you need to succeed.

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