We’ve all heard the story of the country and city mouse, which ends with the country mouse going back to its rural habitat. However, the city mouse doesn’t give up his urban home, and it’s obvious why. Given the right circumstances, there are many who would prefer living in the city. As a matter of fact, some of the best residential offers on the market today are condominium units and townhouses that are near or within a business district itself. Here are some of the more practical benefits of owning such properties:


With more and more real estate companies being required to be ecologically aware, many commercial complexes and buildings have followed international standards for environmental sustainability. This means that the construction materials, paint, appliances, and furnishings of new residential properties near a business district are safe and eco-friendly. Also, most condo buildings, such as Proscenium at Rockwell, near large cities like Makati have their own gyms, nature-inspired walk areas, and even swimming pools. Therefore, you can exercise and stay fit without having to travel very far from your home.

Safety and Security

Although crime and violence are usually more rampant in cities than in the countryside, buying a residential unit near or within a commercial hub reduces the chances of such occurrences. First, business districts have their own security forces, and they also usually have police precincts nearby. Second, most residential units inside these areas are located within a complex, community, or building. They have their own safety and security provisions. Moreover, most of these homes have been installed with hi-tech burglar and fire alarm systems as well.

Accessibility and Convenience

family in a mall

Admittedly, these perks are one of the main selling points of living with a central business district (CBD) of any city. Investing in a unit within the metropolis allows you to be near shopping malls, groceries, restaurants, entertainment establishments, and many more. For employees and business owners who live within these areas, traveling to and from work would be far less stressful. Imagine the traffic and long commuter lines that you can avoid when you live within or near CBD. The time and effort that you save is a priceless commodity, especially for those who put so much effort into furthering their careers and earnings.

Economical Living

Many seem to think that living near a commercial complex is expensive. That’s not the case if your life is centered within an industrial area. Condo units require a minimalist lifestyle, which reduces the need for constant repairs. Townhouses and apartments within these areas are also updated with energy-saving gadgets and energy-efficient appliances, further reducing your utility bills. Inquire about installing water-saving taps, showerheads, and even solar panels since most of these new residential models have options for such upgrades.

“Living the life” is an expression connected to a lifestyle of pomp and luxury. However, it can also mean convenience, safety, and healthy and practical living, especially if it means owning property within or near the center of the city. Urban living may not be for everybody. Still, for those who have chosen to be the city mouse because they’re very comfortable with their career and domestic life within a commercial hub, it’s ideal to find a suitable CBD property for their needs and within their budget. After all, the advantages of owning such a residence are worth the extra cost.