Doing a major home renovation is both an exciting and daunting process. It would be nice to skip to the easy and fun parts like selecting paint colours and fixtures.

But, the reality is far from that. You have to make the right preparations to ensure that the construction work will go smoothly while your family life goes less interrupted as much as possible.

Being prepared also means having peace of mind from costly mistakes. Amid COVID-19 construction regulations to observe, here are some basic things to do to prepare your home for that major renovation.

Pointers Before Starting a Major Home Renovation

These are the key takeaways before beginning a major home renovation. By following all these steps, you ensure a smooth, pressureless revamping process along the way.

  1. Determine whether you need a contractor or not.
  2. Determine your budget.
  3. Acquire necessary permits.
  4. Audit all your belongings.
  5. Plan a temporary house routine.
  6. Improve your home security.
  7. Keep records, receipts, ideas, and other documents digitally organised.
  8. Prepare for other inconveniences.

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Determine Whether You Need a Contractor

Home remodelling, especially the entire house, could be costly if done all at once. And most of us aim to save as much as possible from home renovation expenses. If such is your dilemma, determine first what parts of the home remodelling you could handle yourself and those you could not.

Painting, small-scale demolition, floor installation, and baseboard installation are things that amateurs could do. However, if it involves electrical wiring, plumbing, door, and window installation, you need contractors and professionals to do it for you.

Determine Your Budget

There are a lot of things to consider when creating a home renovation budget. You need to consider the contractor fees, paint, cabinets, flooring, fixtures, tools, and equipment needed to complete the project.

Aside from that, you need to consider how long it would take for each task to be accomplished. Canvass reputable contractors and estimate not only how much each task would cost but also its duration.

Acquire Necessary Permits

Some home renovation projects would need government permits before it can operate. New window installation, plumbing, and electrical modifications, and structural changes are the usual home improvements that would require a permit.

To ensure that you are compliant with the law, you may call your local city offices or visit their websites to check whether you need a permit for your project. Doing so would save you from being unnecessarily penalised for any permit violation.

Audit All Your Belongings

Regardless of how minute of extensive your home renovation project is, it is crucial to have a list of your permanent home items for the following reasons.

  • Insurance Purposes

It could be difficult keeping track of your valuable assets when you are busy with remodelling your home. When they get lost or destroyed during your home renovation process, it could be difficult to determine their valuation without a record.

  • Easier to Clear Out

Making a list of all your belongings facilitates ease in the clearing out process. Subdivide items into three categories: for selling, for donation, and for keeping. Belonging that you would not use post-renovation should be let go even before the project starts.

  • Identify Storage Solution

Items that you want to keep after the renovation must be stored while work is ongoing. You may opt to use heavy-duty long-span shelving to keep small items stored in your basement or spare room organised. For large or seasonal items, you may consider renting a storage unit to keep belongings safe and out of the way.

Plan Your Temporary House Routine

Changes in household routines are inevitable when undergoing a home renovation project. It would be prudent to keep your household members aware of any lifestyle changes that everyone should endure for a while. It could be about the bathroom, dining room, and kitchen use.

Improve Your Home Security

Your home would feel like a revolving door with different kinds of people going in and out of your house during the whole renovation process. And since it is not all the time you are at home to monitor things, it is best to add security for your protection and safety.

You may consider investing in an in-home safe to keep important documents. Install a video doorbell to check deliveries being made when you are away. Also, smart locks that are easily reprogrammable comes in handy to allow contractors to have home access for a limited period.

Keep It Digitally Organised

Our smartphones and tablets are not only meant for entertainment. Allot some time before the home renovation project starts to map out your organisational structure. Scan receipts and contracts. Make crucial information easily available to people by creating shared spreadsheets and calendars.

Prepare for Other Inconveniences

You never know when disaster would strike during a home renovation. It is best to mentally prepare yourself that some things might go wrong. Prepare contingencies ahead to save yourself from any headache.

How well you prepare everything before the major home renovation starts to determine its success. But despite how cumbersome preparations may seem, do not forget to give yourself and your family some time to relax and savour your project’s progress.