If you are renting out a commercial property, you rarely want your space to be empty since this means lost revenue. This does not mean you need to rush when you have a tenant lined up. You have to look towards their happiness, too. If they move in and they are not happy with what they find, you’ll be in trouble. Here are the things you should do to prepare your space for your tenant:

Do an Inspection

When your previous tenant has left, it is always a good idea to perform an inspection of the property. As the owner of the property, it is your responsibility to check everything. You might find something that the previous tenant missed. Go through each room and see what might be wrong. This can range from broken lights to signs of mold. Doing this inspection ensures that your tenant cannot accuse you of not providing them with the best possible space.

Clean Up the Space


One major responsibility you have is to clean everything up. Even if the former tenant cleaned after themselves, you still have the responsibility of doing some cleaning. Even a few days of leaving it empty will result in dust piling up. You want it to be clean as a whistle when the tenants arrive. For this to happen, you have to hire professionals. Fortunately, professional janitorial services companies in Dallas, Texas and other nearby cities are available to help. Hire one of them to do the job and you can be sure to have no worries when it comes to cleanliness.

Improve Security

You may not consider it a problem but you have a big hole in your security. This is mainly in the form of your previous tenant. They know the layout, the security measures, and they have a copy of the key. It is a good idea to update all of your security measures. You need to, at the very least, change the locks. Additional security measures might also be needed. You do not want to be liable for break-ins to the property. Doing your best to secure the place is also part of your responsibility as a landlord.

Do the Required Repairs and Fixes

The initial inspection that you did after your former tenant left should have shown you all the potential problems. Now, it is time to fix all of them. Your priority would be to repair any safety or health issues. Safety issues come in the form of potential danger. For example, if you find an exposed rusty nail, then it is your job to get rid of it. Safety also means that the place needs to have the right amount of fire extinguishers and has an emergency exit. Health issues can also be important if your new tenant plans to prepare food.

When your tenant moves in and they are happy with what they find, it will reflect well on you. Additionally, happy tenants are more likely to be cooperative. They will also have a higher chance of staying on.


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