A considerable life milestone for many individuals is turning 60. It’s typically a period in their lives where they bid farewell to their corporate life or pass on their business ownership to a qualified successor.

When a person is fast approaching his/her 60th birthday, he/she might feel that the world is changing quickly. Some wonder how they’re going to spend the rest of their lives, while others have to think about the health problems that could pop up at their advanced age.

If you’re still in your 50s, there’s still hope for you. You can use this time to make the transition to the big “6-0” easy for you. Here are some of the things you can add to your bucket list:

Check Your Company’s Retirement Plan

When you retire, you’re going to live off your pension and (if applicable) your retirement bonus. If you’re still working in your company, you need to figure what and how much you’re going to get when you reach your retirement age. This will help you financially plan for your future. If you’re working for a large company like Verizon, for instance, determine what they’ll give to retirees. Approach your company’s human resources (HR), inquire about the employee retirement plan of Verizon, and note down the benefits you will be getting when you exit.

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Keep Your Heart Healthy

Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal that cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death in individuals aged 65 years old and above. As you grow older, you need to take steps to keep your heart healthy and fit.

An effective way to do this is to get enough exercise. The American Heart Association recommends that adults get a minimum of 75 minutes/week of vigorous aerobic activity or 150 minutes/week of moderately intense aerobic workout. Individuals can gradually raise the intensity and duration of their workout over time.

If you’re just starting to get active, don’t fret. You can still make healthy changes even if you’ve been sedentary for most of your life. Start by taking a walk for at least half an hour each day. As you become stronger, increase the duration and intensity of your walk until you satisfy the recommended amount.

If you have a disability or a chronic health problem, get in touch with your health care provider, and find out the kinds of physical activity that you can perform to stay fit.

Forgive Those Who Have Wronged You

During your retirement years, the last thing you want to do is to resent people for the mistakes they made in your life. A grudge is negative energy that’s mentally and emotionally taxing. It can even make you sick.

Before you hit 60, decide to free yourself of grudges. By letting go of bitterness and grudges, you give yourself a kind of peace that lets you move forward in life.

Although the end of your working or business life might be on the horizon as you approach 60, you’re never too late to make changes that will improve the quality of your life. These suggestions will help you turn 60 gracefully and look forward to what life has to offer.

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