A great number of real estate buyers purchase properties because they want to have their own homes or plan to use those properties as a business venue. However, there are those who choose to buy a second residence to turn it into a vacation home. Although there were only few who would venture into this kind of acquisition before, it is now fast becoming a popular enterprise. It is a surprising turn of events, but here are a few profitable reasons why this is so.

Source of Income

The tourism industry is on the rise. This new generation of tourists, travelers, and backpackers are using the Internet to find affordable accommodations. There are now more chances of earning from your vacation home more than ever. With the sudden rise of travel and board and lodging apps available today, you can easily rent out your newly acquired Aruga Resort and Residences – Mactan beachfront condo online. The best news is that it’s up to you if you want to limit the number of days you can receive guests so that you can also use your vacation home when you want to.

Luxury Vacation Option

The most obvious reason for investing in a vacation home is that you no longer need to worry about board and lodging fees since it is your own property. Also, there are certain residences, such as condominium units, that can offer you hotel-like amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and even golf courses. You won’t even need to worry so much about safety and security when your vacation address is within a condominium building with modern designs, fixtures, and features.

Hassle-free Upkeep

No need to worry about possible repairs and maintenance issues within your condo building since your homeowner fees can cover them. Most of all, the service staff or condo realtors can oversee any necessary upkeep and upgrades inside your unit upon your request. Of course, you have to be selective with the condominium that you plan to buy if you want quality service. This is very important since you won’t be staying in your vacation home and you’ll need experts to handle its care during your absence.

Affordable Payment Packages


One of the bestselling perks of acquiring a resort-type condo unit is the affordable price and payment options. After all, buying a large house with extensive grounds, gardens, and other luxuries will cost a fortune. However, with condominium units, all these amazing bonuses and great features are already offered as part of your unit’s purchase price. There may be additional payments for parking spaces, but the total price will still be less than if you buy a stately vacation property.

Although many would think that owning a second home for holidays and vacations is superfluous, it no longer is the case since it can now become a profitable venture. With this in mind, you need to find the best condominium properties based on their location, amenities, services, and affordability to find your best choice. Finally, remember that you’ll also use the said venue during your own vacations, so make sure that it’s location is both enjoyable and relaxing. With that in mind, whoever will rent your property will definitely appreciate the same perks that you love.

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