This year may be a bleak one for offices, but that’s not a reason to miss out on decorating the space for the winter and the holidays. The few employees that still come to the office daily will feel so much more inspired and cheerful when they feel the spirit of the holidays in their workplaces.

Plus, decorating for the holidays is a good way to de-stress, which you and your employees certainly need. And if you’re hesitating because you’re barely accepting visitors and clients inside your office anyway — with a pandemic and all — people will still get a glimpse of your festive decor, thanks to social media.

What’s more, holiday and wintry decorations will make the perfect backdrop for your virtual meetings. Imagine the fun your Zoom conferences will foster if you’ve all showed up with hollies, garlands, snow globes, and fairy lights. It’ll make the spirit of the holidays more palpable!

That said, here are some pointers for sprucing up your workplace for winter and the holidays:

1. Control Relative Humidity

Regulating room temperatures is the most crucial step in preparing your office for winter. But running heaters all day can decrease the relative humidity in a space, drying up the air further. Install a hygrometer, a.k.a. relative humidity sensor. This device resembles a thermometer, and it’ll measure the relative humidity in your office. When the humidity level reaches 30% or lower, turn off the heater, before it completely dries out the air and potentially contracts your flooring.

2. Incorporate Natural Elements

Homes and gardens aren’t the only places for natural elements. Offices can definitely use them too, and they will make the space far cozier and inviting. They may also remind your employees of their own families and Christmas traditions.

Stock up on wintertime plants such as fir, pine, holly, and poinsettias. They’ll make great accents on desks and common areas. Mix in bundles of white flowers with holly and pine, and tie a festive bow around them for a finishing touch. Arrange them in vases or put them on your Christmas tree.

3. Add Holiday-themed Accents to Existing Decorations

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money on holiday decorations. By just simply tying or hanging a holiday-themed bow around your vases, pots, and from the walls, you’ll already have a festive office. Just to do it in moderation to avoid overwhelming the space. For instance, keep the oversize bow on the wall in your foyer, so that the welcoming quality of the space will be emphasized.

Christmas decorations

4. Layer with Rugs

If you have hardwood floors installed in your house, those can be icy cold during the winter. Keep your feet warm by layering the floors with cozy rugs. It will also insulate the space and increase the temperature a bit.

Rugs are also a must-have if your office has natural stone or ceramic tiles. But when exposed to a radiant below-surface heating system, they can be toasty-warm and quite comfortable during the winter.

5. Decorate with Something Edible

Christmas is a time for chocolates, candy canes, lollipops, and other sweet treats. The sugar rush they induce may also be good for keeping energy levels high, so fill your common areas with those. Put them in crystal or bright-colored bowls to make them appear tempting. But don’t forget the health of your employees, too. Beside the bowl of sweets, consider placing a bowl of fruit and a jug of water.

6. Allow Your Employees to Decorate Their Own Workspace

Your penchant for uniformity may be beneficial for your office space as a whole, but practicing flexibility for the sake of your employees’ personal tastes won’t hurt. After all, the real spirit of the holidays is giving, so allow your employees to bring their own decorations, too. Be it personal holiday photos, snow globe souvenirs from their past travels, or cute mini lanterns, they’ll adorn your office beautifully and more realistically.

Company Christmas celebrations may be different this year, but the holidays are still as exciting as ever. And decorating your office with festive things will rouse the excitement even more.