A home renovation project is never a walk in the park in terms of the time and budget that you must allot to it. You should, thus, carefully think about it before you plunge head-on to avoid hiccups as you renovate your home.

On average, homeowners spend anywhere between $44,000 to $75,000 on a full home renovation. These figures depend on a variety of factors such as the scope of work needed, the number of rooms to be remodeled, and the professional fees of workers that the homeowner will hire.

Meanwhile, major renovations typically cost as low as $11,000, as high as $58,000, and on average at $31,000.

You could opt to go for a full-on renovation if you have the budget or you could simply pick a specific part of your home if you are on a tight leash. You can refer to this guide to gain a clear idea of how much you’ll spend to renovate each room in your house.

Now, if you’ve already made up your mind to push through with your planned renovation, there are tricks you could try out to bring down the cost considerably.

Take note of these five tricks for an affordable home renovation:

  • Maximize available space.

There are far too many homeowners embarking on a home makeover who commits the terrible mistake of wasting precious real estate by not maximizing every available square inch of their homes. Don’t fall into the same trap at all costs.

Instead, you should strive to wisely use all the free spaces inside your home. For example, you could opt for custom cabinetry in your kitchen to maximize the area and avoid bringing down nearby walls just to make the area wide enough for your convenience.

This may look like a simple trick but you’d be amazed to know that you could actually save up to $60,000 by just maximizing every inch inside your house.

  • Crowdsource for a contractor.

One of your biggest expenses would be the contractor who’ll take on your renovation project. If you want to save big dollars on this endeavor, you should crowdsource to find the best contractor out there.

Ideally, your contractor should be one that your friend or neighbor personally vouched for. This is a great way of knowing a great deal about the contractor’s quality of work, job ethic, and rates. Cheap doesn’t necessarily translate to excellent workmanship so you have to exercise caution when shopping for a contractor to hire for your home renovation.

  • Bring out your inner DIY genius.

If you happen to be skilled at doing DIY work, then taking matters into your own hands during your home makeover is just the perfect time to unleash your DIY genius. You can save on manpower costs if you’ll do certain renovation tasks instead of hiring a professional to work on them.

Aside from your just sheer skills, you’ll also have to invest in personal protective equipment like goggles, work gloves, and dust masks to keep injuries at bay. Finally, be sure to grab essential workman’s tools like hammers, saws, grinding machines, and the like to be fully prepared for the different renovation tasks at hand.

couple choosing a color together

  • Find cheap deals online.

Property owners who really want to save big cash on their renovation venture work hard to find cheap deals everywhere, particularly online.

For one, you could do some detective works to score awesome deals on specialty electronic parts online for the requisite electronics renovation. You might also need to find great online bargains on electrical components such as circuit breakers and solid-state relays to complete electrical tasks like upgrading your home’s electrical panel system.

  • Salvage what you could and sell what you don’t need.

You could probably save a few thousand dollars easily if you re-use or re-purpose old furniture pieces and decorations instead of throwing them away. Likewise, you should try to sell everything that you won’t be using in your renovation project, which may include dated doorknobs and old lighting fixtures.

You may post them on Facebook Marketplace, in your Instagram or Twitter account, or you may hold a garage sale over the weekend. Your trash could be another person’s treasure and in this case, your trash will translate to considerable savings.

With tips such as these, you should achieve big savings on your upcoming home renovation project. Because, after all, why spend a fortune giving your prized home a nice makeover when you can opt for an affordable renovation that delivers similar results?

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