In the past years, the pest control industry used to be a closed market. Customers relied on word-of-mouth marketing to know if a certain customer is satisfied with a pest control service. While word-of-mouth marketing is a proven method to bring in more customers, it also comes with its limits. Marketing is rapidly evolving, and companies relying on traditional marketing methods should boost their strategies to stay in the industry.

According to a survey by Statista, the market value of pest control businesses will exceed $28 billion in 2026. This is where digital marketing plays an important role for pest control companies to gain more customers and expand their online presence. After all, managing a pest control company is tough on its own, but looking for potential leads makes it even tougher.

As people gain more access to the web, users can search for pest prevention services, compare services and prices, and read customer reviews. If you manage a pest control business, you may wonder about the steps to stand out among competitors. This article provides foolproof marketing ideas to help your company increase sales and leads and differentiate your brand in the pest control industry.

Building online presence

The Internet is the main source of information, where people find services or products they need. To make a business visible in the search results, you need to bring the business online. Take advantage of online platforms that offer inexpensive options to promote a business. Google and Facebook are two of the most popular platforms you can use for free and attract target leads.

Signing up on Google My Business helps the brand appear on local searches, where nearby residents in your area look for pest control. Meanwhile, Facebook Business allows customers to book services and post inquiries about your business. In turn, Facebook allows you to establish your brand by boosting posts, uploading photos and videos, and sharing stories.

Setting up a social media page and local listing is not enough to help customers find you. A website is the home base of every marketing effort. It serves as the digital storefront of a business while making a great first impression online. Having a pest control business website can build credibility, trust, and authority in the digital realm, especially among potential leads who are not familiar with your services.

There is no need to be a web designer to create a perfect business website. You can find website builders online to ensure usability and relevant content. Just make sure it looks professional to encourage customers to book a service with you. A website should contain contact information, a list of services, licenses, achievements, a booking form, and customer testimonials.

Generate customer reviews

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Most customers read online reviews before booking a pest control company and making a purchase decision. Customer testimonials and reviews provide important insights to identify if the service or product will work according to their needs. An online review has the same function as word-of-mouth marketing by promoting brand authority and providing in-depth samples of how a service or product works.

Reviews serve as principal metrics in search engine rankings, such as Google. A business with plenty of positive reviews enhances its web rankings, helping the business stand out among other competitors. To obtain customer reviews, encourage previous clients and repeat customers to leave a review about your services online.

Some websites offer tools to request customers for testimonials easily. When a customer posts a review, the website will send notifications so you can respond quickly. But make sure not to get disappointed when getting negative reviews. Use them to improve your services and customer support.

Partner with parallel business

There are plenty of businesses to relate a pest control service, such as real estate, construction, home improvement, furniture, and cleaning companies. Working with them helps increase leads and expand the business network.

Start by requesting a partnership where both of you can be in a win-win situation. Both companies can promote their respective businesses through referrals. You can also provide commissions every time they bring in customers at your door. But make sure your company has an excellent reputation to score partnerships. A business will not work for a company with bad reviews.

Getting your business at the top of the online marketplace is certainly challenging. But with the right advertising tools and marketing strategies, attracting new leads becomes easier. Follow these suggestions to build an online reputation, obtain more leads, and grow your business.