Owning a home is nowhere cheap. The moment you decide to buy a house, you’re already investing a huge sum of cash just to make up for the down payment. You are making sacrifices to pay for your monthly mortgage and to buy the things you need for your home. The expenses only continue to grow. Then here comes a necessary repair or two.

The Cost of Skipping Regular Home Inspections, Maintenance, and Repairs

Homeowners may know that regular home maintenance and repairs are tasks one should not dare to skip. Ignore small damage and you can end up paying at least twice as much as the original bill. Cheap out when repairing damage and your temporary savings can backfire big time.

Still, many new and old homeowners take home maintenance and repair for granted. If only you made the decision to take some time to inspect your house regularly and made the decision to address all known issues asap, you could have prevented an issue from growing and wreaking havoc on your finances. Aside from this, your home value can be affected due to your reckless behavior.

Costly Home Repairs and Maintenance Jobs

The cost of each home maintenance and repair varies depending on the type of damage and the tools and materials needed to repair the issue. If you require the expertise of a professional, you will surely need to invest some cash to hire professional services. But then, some home maintenance and repairs are much more expensive than the rest.

Here are some examples of costly home repairs that you should not attempt to ignore.

  • Gas Boiler Replacement and Installation

If your home’s central heating system has a heart, that would be the boiler. The moment your boiler shows signs of wear and tear, this gives you a hint that it now requires a replacement. If your boiler leaks, smells off when turned on, frequently breaks down, turns noisy and your bills keep on going up despite the same usage, then it could be time to replace your boiler.

But then, the gas boiler is one expensive repair that most homeowners can’t afford to make. Many lack the cash to pay for a replacement. Thankfully, you can opt for a boiler installation on finance where you can get a new boiler and have it installed by spreading the costs.

home under renovation

  • Roof Repairs and Replacement

You may be lucky enough to buy a house with a newly installed roof. But after a few years, even the toughest roof can withstand a certain amount of beating. An unchecked leak, failure to address missing shingles, and ignoring a sagging roof deck can rake up an easy thousand dollars.

It becomes a must that you check how long it has been since the roof was installed and what materials it is made of. Have a roofer inspect your roof to see any signs of roof wear and tear. They should be able to tell you how much longer your roof will last and the amount you need to save up for in the future.

  • Exterior Painting

You may think you can handle easily handle an exterior home paint job. But if you want your home quality painted, then consider saving up for a professional painter’s fee. Their work will surely exceed your DIY paint job and you can get that peace of mind knowing a pro will take all necessary preparations and precautions for a safe and quality paint job.

Search for local painters and learn about their rates. Ask for an estimate as different painters can have different fees. Note that having your trims and sidings painted is a lot more expensive than a regular exterior paint job.

  • Foundation Repair

Water can seep through the tiniest cracks in your home. It can cause mold growth from damaging your belongings, ruining your health, and even cause a massive foundation issue. With a structural weakness affecting your home and its value, it only becomes a must that you do what it takes to save your home from foundation problems.

To avoid this, keep water away from your home’s foundation. Invest in a proper drainage system and a quality sump pump. Make sure to clean and maintain gutters regularly, leak-proof the house and to prevent the soils around the building moist enough to prevent shrinking.

If you find any foundation damage, it is best to address the issue asap. Don’t wait for the problem to grow before you take action. The earlier to tackle foundation issues, the higher your chances of reducing your bill.

In a nutshell, regular inspections and timely maintenance and repairs are the best ways to lower your home repair and maintenance bills. You can always find suppliers and service providers that allow installment fees for their products. You can also explore other home maintenance and repair funding financing options to fund lessen your load.