All over the digital world, people are talking about the perks of being a van lifer. Of course, living on wheels can be challenging, but the claims about the rewarding feelings associated with it are definitely true.

Van life allows individuals to live unpredictably and against the norms while immersing in gratifying and delightful adventures. Well, if you plan on living this dream, there are plenty of things you have to prepare for.

For instance, you have to learn about certain parking ordinances in different cities and towns so you won’t get in trouble. You also should have a plan on stops where you can refresh your supplies as needed. Additionally, you also need to secure essential items like furniture and portable kitchen appliances. Amidst this comprehensive list of must-haves, the most important factor in van life is, of course, the van that will serve as your home.

Below, we’ll provide some tips and guidelines on how to choose the most suitable van for you.


Needless to say, before you start your journey, you must first convert a van into a mobile home. Therefore, acquire a van that is appropriate to your lifestyle needs.

Some popular types include Sprinter, cargo, Class B camper, high top conversion, and skoolies. Each one has distinctive features that make it stand out. For instance, Sprinter vans provide ample space, are highly configurable, and the models with diesel engines have great gas mileage. As for cargo vans, they are suitable for urban stealth camping, customizable, and cost-effective in terms of parts and maintenance.

It’s important to determine your priorities so you can narrow down your options by assessing the vans’ characteristics.

Amount of Space

Woman driving a vanThe number of people who will be residing in your van will affect your choice. Of course, when you’re living with a bigger group, you’ll need a substantial amount of space and headroom. Good bets are Class B campers, Sprinter vans, and skoolies.

Another factor to consider is the number and size of the items you will install in your home van. For instance, do you want a fully furnished kitchen complete with a portable cooking stove and fridge? Maybe you’ll be working on the road and therefore need an office. Your selection of furniture pieces like benches, beds, and chairs also influences your space requirement.

Short or Long Term

How long will you be living the van life? Do you want to camp out for just a couple of months or do you want to make it full-time? Typically, if you plan on spending years on the road, it’s better to purchase brand new vans.

Some cult favorites among conversion vans are Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and Chevy Express. However, when brand new, these vans can be quite expensive. In fact, Ford Transit is initially priced at 33,135 USD, while a new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for sale in Salt Lake City has a starting price point of 38,420 USD. Larger models tend to be more costly.

Thus, if you only plan to use it for several months, it’s not wise to buy a new van. For the Chevy Express, opt for pre-owned ones instead. As for Sprinters, you can still purchase new ones but go for older, cheaper models. Check out dealerships and outlets in Boise, Idaho, or Salt Lake City, Utah if you live within those areas.

Alternatively, you can also choose to rent a converted van, but the drawback is the design and details will not be tailor-fitted to your lifestyle needs.

Van life can be exciting, but only if you make a good choice when it comes to the van you’ll convert into a home. Your mobile home must provide you with convenience and comfort so small issues that take the joy out of nomadic living won’t arise frequently.

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