Forget about protection and security for a moment. Nobody deserves to have his or her space violated. That alone is reason enough to get the best home security systems for the home. No one has the time for home security hassles, least of all the elderly. At this point in your life, you simply want to enjoy the years you have left with your grandchildren or spend the time doing the things you’ve always wanted—play poker, go dancing, or travel the world. The elderly have no time to worry about the security of their properties.

That’s why it’s crucial to equip your home with a residential security system that has the appropriate features an elderly will need in a home. A security system for senior citizens should be easy to use, affordable, and above all, equipped with the right safety and security features. It should be convenient and technologically advanced, too.

Mobile App Access

Access to your home security from your mobile phone will go a long way toward its reliability and accessibility. However, you have to make sure that no one will get ahold of your phone. Criminals can steal your phone while you do the grocery so they can control the security system. Your kids—or primary caregivers—will love the idea of having access to your security system.

Motion Detection

A good security system must have the ability to detect motion outside. The system will alert the users that someone is lurking outside the home. This will be very helpful for seniors with eye problems as they don’t see clearly at nighttime.

Door and Window Sensors

The system should be able to sense if someone opens or closes the window. The system will alert the homeowner and anyone registered or linked to the system’s integrated app. Many burglars enter a house through the window on the first floor. Aside from being forgetful, seniors lived at a time when they didn’t even need to lock their front doors. Checking if the windows are sealed shut is not their top priority.

Emergency Responders

The system should be connected to your phone via an app. That’s well and good. But there’s another one that you should look for. That’s professional monitoring. This means that the agents will alert emergency responders to the home of the elderly called for help or some sensors are triggered by a fall or slip.

Environmental Monitoring

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Accidents and natural calamities happen all the time, no matter where you live. Smoke, fire, and water leaks are common occurrences. When the security system detects these, it will alert emergency responders. They can arrive at your home in a couple of minutes and address the problem immediately. Of course, they will evacuate the elderly if needed.

Security Cameras

The elderly may not want security cameras inside the homes, but this will help emergency responders and their loved ones to understand what’s going on. Your loved ones will be able to keep an eye on you. Many security cameras also come with a motion-detection sensor. This means that the camera can “follow” the person whose motion it detected.

Smart Locks

This is another essential feature for retirees. Imagine leaving the house but barely remembering if you locked the door. The security system usually has an integrated smartphone app, where you can control the locks of the doors and windows. The caregivers can also have their own personalized codes so they can check on the elderly.

Video Doorbells

If someone’s knocking on the door, do you still want to walk to the door and see through the viewer to find out who it is? Or, do you want to turn on your tablet and see via the video doorbell who’s knocking? That’s what these home security systems are providing in terms of convenience. They will allow the elderly to see who’s outside their front doors without having to walk or wheel their chair to take a look.

Post-sales Support

When choosing a home security system, don’t just look at the features (though those are vital), but look at the customer support post-sales. Does the company provide support after the installation? What do the reviews say? Are you satisfied with their answers when you inquired for the first time? This is an important consideration.

Finally, the security of a home is part of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The elderly, most of all, need to feel safe, protected, and secure in their own homes. This way, they can enjoy their retirement and not worry about burglars and other criminals.