For years, the city of Melbourne has been consistent with its claim as one of the world’s most livable city. While it is certainly unbeatable when it comes to education, quality of living, transportation, and many other things, many people find it challenging to look for an ideal place to live in.

Luckily, Melbourne has nearby suburbs that provide the same amount of opportunities, as well as development, ensuring you of a comfortable life. Among these areas are the western suburbs, which comprises of six main municipalities, namely Brimbank, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong, Moonee Valley, Melton, and Wyndham.

The real estate industry in the western suburbs of Melbourne is booming for a number of reasons and here’s why:

Housing is Relatively Cheaper

Compared to living in the city of Melbourne, the prices of properties and rent in the western suburbs are much affordable. This means that you’re able to spend more on making your home a comfortable place to live in. If you have a limited budget and want to move around the area, picking any of the mentioned municipalities can be a great option for you.

Proximity to Major Establishments

Unlike with other suburbs, which will require you to travel far before reaching the nearest groceries and other establishments, the western suburbs are abundant when it comes to these types of establishments. From restaurants and produce markets to parks and other recreational areas, you could easily access them. It’s a developing area that’s worth watching as it grows.

Good and Reliable Transport System

Vintage tram from MelbourneAlthough trams are a bit rare in these areas, the western suburbs have managed to improve their transportation system. They have long stretches of roads and freeways that are connected to Melbourne’s CBD, allowing easy access to the city. Most of the municipalities in the suburbs have a 20-kilometre distance to Melbourne, which is reliable enough for those who are working or studying in the city.

The whole region is also near the airport terminal. A good 20-minute drive will get you there and considering the flow of traffic, you’ll never have to worry about missing your flight.

Colourful Culture and Diverse Residents

The western suburbs are known to be one of the areas in the country with the largest immigration waves from races of all kinds. This means that you’ll be able to experience cultural diversity. Ranging from Asians, Africans, and Europeans to Aussies themselves, you’ll get to learn their way of living. If you love to explore different cuisines with authentic taste, this is probably the best place for you to do that.

Additionally, you need not fear about being out of place because one of the perks of living in a multi-cultural community is the lesson of acceptance and communication. You could all find a meeting point to understand and learn more about each other.

The next time you consider relocating to Melbourne, be sure you check out the western suburbs. There are many things you could enjoy and explore in this region, which can give you the same satisfaction as to when you live in the main city.

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