The COVID 19 pandemic has shut down any hopes for millions of businesses worldwide. More than half of the businesses dependent on tourism were forced to close down after months of being stuck in quarantine. Millions more are stuck with nothing but their illiquid assets as they hold on as the economic collapse batter down the hatches. It will seem to be this way for the next few years as the vaccine takes too slow to inoculate everyone. The solution came a little too late for those who have already permanently shut down.

Food trucks were all the rage before the pandemic. As more and more resign and put their life savings in food truck businesses, their popularity grew within certain spots in their neighborhood. Aside from making money hand over fist without paying expensive rent, their niche can easily be reduced into a singular food truck. Gourmet food trucks are the best at making new food ideas and charging people ridiculously high for it. They certainly brought ancient worldly cuisines together.

These mobile businesses are not a new sight in the lifetime of business ideas humanity has created. There are millions and millions of transport-centric businesses created before the invention of motor vehicles. For example, ancient street vendors and cart merchants are the most basic form of food trucks. There are some ancient history books detailing street food being cooked in carts as early as the 17th century. Even clothes merchants used to travel via cattle to transport their goods from one place or another. In order to fund their travels, they sold and bartered many goods they are bringing in order to reach their destination.

As things slowly get back to normal, it is an important question to ask: are mobile businesses doomed? Will these ingenious small businesses live to survive another day post-pandemic?

The short answer is: No, they are not yet doomed — but only if they act fast.

Mobile Businesses Can Be Flexible

Food trucks are extremely flexible when it comes to rules and regulations. They are almost always identified to be a clever and novel idea.

Food trucks are defined by their ingenuity and how they adapted their own small kitchen into a mobile truck. There are many people right now who prefer not eating outside due to the fact that they might catch the virus if they eat out. Most prefer to have their food delivered. If they want to, these mobile businesses can opt to have their food trucks designed in a way where people will not have to line up and stay close to each other to have their desired product delivered. Online food delivery apps and their delivery service can come to them instead.

people making food

Mobile Businesses Can Be Stationary — for Good

Transitioning to a stationary restaurant where people can flock to the store can be a great way to avert fading the business away to oblivion. By making the business stationary all the time, with the option still to move out of the way when given the chance, people will have a lot more recollection of where you are located. You will also give yourself a chance to have food taken out by delivery food drivers. Also, by staying stationary, you can give yourself a chance to control the immediate environment around the business.

Even just a simple garage with a silicone coating structure can be the new house of the potentially doomed mobile business. It will also provide the restaurant with a food truck theme considering the kitchen still located inside the food truck. Restaurant motif can become much easier with the food truck already there.

Mobile Businesses Can Be Creative

Because of their innate characteristic of being creative by nature, mobile businesses such as food trucks have more allowance and leeway to be creative when it comes to product creation.

Food trucks are known for being creative and internalizing being outside the box when it comes to food fusion. Some food trucks can get even too creative for a lot of people’s liking, and that’s okay. Because of the nature of a food truck, they are given much more leeway to make a mistake. Aside from that, it isn’t too costly for a mobile business to experiment with a new product. Most food inventions only take a few of their resources especially if they are merely testing it out. Their creativeness will make sure of their survival going forward.

Mobile businesses will definitely make a comeback, alongside other businesses. Although it might take a while for people to become accustomed to eating beside people again, it is not a far-off dream since the vaccination programs are slowly rolling out. There is always hope for mobile businesses because they are creative, adaptable, and flexible.