From the typical greasy burgers and hotdogs, food trucks have come a long way with their different offerings to the hungry public. Over the past decade or so, we have seen quite a number of unique food truck concepts and menus that have revolutionized and brought new life to an otherwise dull and dreary small industry.

Below are some food truck menus that can tickle our fancy and satisfy the customers’ cravings.

1. Sushi

Going Japanese is now made easier with food trucks. The people no longer need to go out of their way for fresh and healthy sushi. You can have a simple lineup of different sushi variants or you can also offer some ramen or rice bowls.

2. Tacos

No food truck menu list would be complete without ever mentioning tacos in it. This Mexican favorite is quite easy to prepare. And because it’s a low-maintenance dish, you can get creative with it and come up with a few variants so you have more to offer to taco-lovers.

3. European Flavors

Go fancy by serving European-inspired dishes to your customers. You can go with an all-day European breakfast menu, a German franks-and-sausage outlet, or serve a European deli. Or you can have a fusion of different European flavors and drinks.

4. Shiro

Ethiopian food is slowly gaining popularity, especially their Shiro. If you’re not familiar with what this dish is, it is basically a stew made from ground broad beans or chickpeas mixed with some spices. It is then served on injera, a type of bread made from teff flour.

5. Falafels

Another chickpea-based healthy and meatless dish that would make for a great food truck concept is falafels. For the uninitiated, falafels are balls made from chickpeas and different spices. They are deep-fried and often served in a wrap with salads.

6. Banh Mi Sandwich

East meets west with this delectable dish. Banh Mi is a French baguette that is given a Vietnamese treatment. The sandwich contains a meaty patty, some slices of chicken or pork, eggs, some veggies, and mayonnaise dressing.

7. Pad Thai

One of the most familiar Asian dishes to westerners, pad thai is spicy and fresh. The noodles are cooked in a wok and mixed with different kinds of meat (typically chicken or shrimps) and some bean sprouts. Some tangy spicy Thai sauce is added and topped with ground peanuts.

8. Burrito

Burritos, just like tacos, are very popular Mexican food truck items, especially in southern states. The ingredients are easy to find and the dish is easy to make, which works very well within the confines of a small truck.

9. Kebabs

Although kebabs and food trucks are already an ongoing thing, there’s still plenty of room in the market for competition. With a little creativity, the traditional Turkish treat can be given a gourmet treatment.

10. Gourmet Burgers

As far as food trucks are concerned, burgers will still be the number one item that folks will never get tired of. However, don’t just go for the typical greasy burgers. Give it a gourmet treatment and make it slightly fancier and healthier compared to the typical food truck burgers served by almost everyone else.

11. BBQ Jerk Chicken

This Caribbean favorite is also easily one of our favorites on this list. What’s not to like about a jerked BBQ chicken smoked on the grill? It’s quite popular during summertime but you can serve them to us anytime.

12. Crepes

Crepes are one of the more popular options for food truck operators. They’re quite easy to make and are mostly made of low-cost ingredients. You can serve them hot or cold and sweet or savory giving your customers a lot more to choose from.

13. Bao Buns

We knew we had to get in a Chinese dish on this list but we had a hard time deciding between bao buns and dumplings. But since bao buns aren’t as common as dumplings, we decided to go with them instead. You just can’t go wrong with flattened bread stuffed with stewed meat and other dressings.

food truck coffee and donuts

14. Coffee

Gourmet coffee need not be confined to Starbucks or any coffee shop around the city. It is, in fact, a staple in the mobile catering industry. You can find them in food trucks and stalls at street food markets serving up hot cappuccinos and lattes to coffee-lovers.

15. Ice Cream

Ice cream trucks have been around for a long time but it still remains a very popular choice in the food truck business. Kids and kids-at-heart love ice cream trucks, especially on a hot summer day.

During this pandemic, if you can’t make the customers come to you, bring your business to them. Food trucks are the best way to engage with the public and bring business your way. You don’t even need a fancy concept to do this. As long as you have a carefully-crafted menu and serve great food, the people will keep coming back for more.


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