Spring is coming to full bloom. Then summer will follow with sunny skies and clear weather. Both seasons are ideal to tend a garden. Some people appreciate the scents and colors of blooms and greenery. Yet, these people may not have the time or the talent to maintain a garden. This gap is the reason why gardening or landscaping business is a good idea for a home service business.

Some people have an innate talent to grow things. They also have an eye for details. They can make elements come together to create a beautiful concept. These people may find success in gardening and landscaping. But, competition in this area is also stiff. Here are some simple yet effective ways to stand out in the gardening industry.

Get Your Brand on Simple Gardening Items

Even if digital marketing is becoming a craze, some old-school tactics still work. Think of freebies related to gardening that you can give your clients. Some examples are painted steel buckets or a sturdy steel watering can. You can use these items to carry your brand name. Buy some stainless steel marking fluid and a special brush. Then, you can transfer your logo or business name with ease to these gardening items.

You can also go for eco-friendly items such as packets of seeds or a reusable apron they can use in the garden. Do not forget to incorporate your logo and business name here, too. The idea is to have a tangible thing that raises awareness of your brand.

People love to take snapshots of themselves while working in their gardens. The items carrying your business name or logo can reach more people through their posts.

Be Involved in the Community

People will form a deeper connection with your business if they see that you are not only in it for profit. One way to do this is to find an event or a place in the community where you can showcase your expertise for free. You may volunteer to upgrade a garden in a local nursing home or assisted living facilities. You can even share some valuable tips for the residents here. Encourage them to spend some time gardening. It is a known fact that gardening has its therapeutic benefits.

Caring for the community will draw people closer to your business. They will see you not only as an entrepreneur but as a valuable part of the community.


Offer a Spring Cleanup

Some people find it hard to keep their gardens in pristine condition during winter. This season is witness to plants dying and weeds growing. With the presence of rain or snow, people are not that eager to venture out and care for their plots.

Thus, when spring comes, there is a great deal of work that needs to get done in the garden. Some will be clueless on where to start. You can step up during this season and offer a spring cleanup. Devise a package that includes basic services that will make a garden spring-ready. Such services may include mowing, trimming, weeding, and preparing the plots for planting.

Invest in More Gardening Equipment

A basic gardening set is essential. But, clients would not look for these when they get your service. What people want is a sophisticated and fast service. Doing the work with the simplest tools will take more time. Also, the output may be mediocre.

Research and invest in commercial garden equipment that gets the job done. These power tools include a lawnmower, tiller, aerator, and lawn edger, among others. You do not have to buy everything at once. Let your clients see that you are investing for your services to be better. This move is good for your reputation.

Grow a Niche

Gardening is a wide interest. There are many categories that one can choose from. As a gardening entrepreneur, you have to be familiar with basic gardening practices. These things serve as a foundation for you to get clients.

But, to attract more clients, you may consider growing a niche. Find an area of specialty. You could focus on organic gardening, succulents, herbs, or orchids. These are only a few examples of categories that you could look into. Having a niche shows your expertise. Also, you can form a small community of clients that share the same interest.

Gardening is gaining more attention from people, even young or old. A gardening business can be lucrative if you know how to set apart yourself from competitors. Study what potential clients need and want. Then make sure that your business can deliver.

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