Every manufacturing or processing business has to deal with product packaging. If you ship your goods straight to the consumers, packaging logistics are crucial since the decisions you make in the production line determine how much waste your customers produce when unpacking your product.

If you want to make your production eco-friendly, consider investing in on-site custom recycling bins to collect some of the waste your employees create on the production line. You can also come up with a packaging system that doesn’t litter as much.

Reuse and Recycle as Much as Possible at the Factory

Find out what you can either reuse in the production line to cut costs and stay eco-friendly. For instance, sections of a cardboard packaging can be used to support boxes that you place on pallets. If you cannot reuse what you have, come up with an elaborate waste disposal system that focuses on recycling. Get bins that sort out waste into different recycling categories to make it easier to ship it off to third parties who can handle the recycling on your behalf.

Refuse Using Non-Biodegradable Packaging Products

Even if you have an efficient production line, you are still part of the problem if you are shipping your products in non-biodegradable containers and packaging. Avoid using mainstream products like plastics by considering eco-friendly alternatives like plant-based plastics, paper-based packaging and other solutions that will give the end users less non-biodegradable waste to throw away.

Rethink Your Products

become an eco-friendly business

Rethink your product or business model to incorporate green solutions. Go back to the drawing board and come up with a production solution that encourages your customers to either:

  • Buy in bulk and reduce the need for many small packages;
  • Repair or upgrade what they have instead of throwing it away; or
  • Deliberately choose biodegradable packaging whenever possible.

If you cannot get rid of all the non-biodegradable waste your products create, you can do the environment much benefit by reducing it as much as possible. Simple tricks include avoiding plastic bottles, containers and polythene bags. If you’re manufacturing equipment or appliances, use modular design and make spare parts easy to find, so consumers will find it easy to repair or upgrade your product, rather than sending it to the landfill once broken.  

Offer Incentives for Return of Damaged Products

Speaking of broken products, offer incentives that encourage customers to return damaged products. You can reuse or recycle them properly, reducing the amount of toxic waste that ends up in landfills. This approach has worked wonders in the bottled beverage industry and can work well on electronics.

Environmental conservation is a huge tax that cannot be left to any single human being. Every entity in the globe must play its part in reducing waste that has an adverse effect on society. And as people are getting more environmentally aware, they are paying more attention to how biodegradable your product packaging is. Put some effort into meeting these expectations, and you could earn you more loyalty and better business.